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NFC South Roundup: So You're Saying There's a Chance?

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Well, that Texans game was a bit on the ugly side. However, brother Jon is here to tell you that there is a tomorrow! The good news is that it is only a preseason game, which you could tell by the lack of blitzing and lack of creative plays/scheming. As well, the two teams play each other again in about a month, so no one wants to show their cards, so to speak.

The bad news: poor pass protection and tackling was a problem last year as well. Hopefully, the Saints get all those kinks worked out in California this week. So in summary: #wegotthis (credit to Grandmaster Wang)

Until then, are you ready for some roundup? It's a good one this week. Since every NFC South team lost, there's no optimism anywhere to be found! And you know what they say about misery. So make the jump to see what happened to those other teams we love to hate so much.

Panthers News:

Will the Carolina Panthers have any interest in the supplemental draft? - Cat Scratch Reader
They should grab Pryor. MORE QUARTERBACKS!

Dolphins Smack the Panthers in Preseason Victory 20 - 10 - Cat Scratch Reader
That's going to happen a lot this season.

Carolina Panthers Monday Morning Optimist- 8/20/11 (Saturday Edition) - Cat Scratch Reader
"Well, at least we aren't Panthers fans...oh wait. Well, at least we didn't draft Cam Newton...oh wait. Well, at least we aren't in a steep decline...oh wait."

Bucs News:

Patriots - Buccaneers 31-14 - Bucs look like it's 2009 again - Bucs Nation
BREAKING NEWS: Jon wrong about Bucs; has never been happier at being wrong!

So how bad was the Bucs offensive line against the Patriots? - Bucs Nation
It was so bad, Drew Brees called Josh Freeman to give his condolences.

Mark Dominik the renegade General Manager - or just the smart businessman? - Bucs Nation
"I'm going to pay my punter...$19 million dollars."

Falcons News:

The Axe Is On Its Way: Falcons Must Cut To 80 By August 30 - The Falcoholic
Just a reminder for Saints fans too, don't get too attached to those camp bodies, they won't be here much longer.

A Pre-Season Snoozefest: A Falcons-Jaguars Recap - The Falcoholic
Apparently, it was a boring game. I think any game where the Falcons lose can't be boring, by definition.

Atlanta Falcons Healthy Once Again - The Falcoholic