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Fantasy Football 2011: Final Chance to Get Involved

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We're almost ready to roll in our official Canal Street Chronicles Yahoo! Sports fantasy football league. Everyone I invited has signed up and created their team. That list can be found after the jump at the end of this post. 

However, I accidentally screwed up my count and invited twelve other people instead of eleven so our twelve man league now has thirteen participants. In order to even things out, I've invited one more member, were gonna need a bigger boat. He's got until Saturday to check his email and get signed up. Otherwise, I will invite my alternate. 

It sucks that we can't have a league big enough to hold everyone that wanted to play but ya'll can still get a satellite league or two started. After the jump I've got a list of the players that expressed interest at some point or another but couldn't fit in our official league. I've also included a note for those members that said they had experience as a commissioner. They can take the lead in starting a league or someone else can step up. Just let me know if you do it. Then whoever is still interested in playing, on the list below or otherwise, can let us know in the comment section. I will then give your CSC email address to whoever takes the initiative and starts a league so that they can invite you. 

Potential Satellite League Participants 

BlackandGold4ever (commissioner experience)


mattxlegend (commissioner experience)









born in areacode 318



sXe hXc AMF




Official Canal Street Chronicles Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football League

Dave Cariello - Boom! Wrecked it!

Jon Banks - Ingramania!

Jay Preece - Legs Benedict

David "Satch" Kelly - Hans Sproleman

Dan Kelly - 9th Ward Boyz

Breesus Chris Superstar - Joique-offs

stujo4 - Rita's Body Image

nanvinnie - Iridium Project

GRIZZ - Ingram We Trust

MobileSaint - Gulf Coast Crunk

SaintBevo - Andulovian Gracklers

skinnykinney - Saints Superbowl!

Joseph William Stern - Natural Selections


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