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Could Mixing It Up Improve the Saints Offensive Line?

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Okay, so the offensive line has been the talk of the town for the past week or so. First the Saints get rid of Jon Stinchcomb, then they look like absolute garbage against the Houston Texans. Things aren't looking so great for the guys up front.

But last night I was giving it some thought and realized: perhaps with some minimal position shuffling the Saints could maximize their offensive line potential while improving its overall quality. Or...maybe I'm a moron. Make the jump and find out!

Carl Nicks has experience playing tackle, so why not move him over to LT and switch Jermon Bushrod over to the RT spot. Then bring in Matt Tennant to take Nicks' vacant spot at left guard. Basically, your starting offensive line would look like this:

Nicks - Tennant - Kreutz - Evans - Bushrod

I've never played a lick of football my entire life - and if I did it certainly wouldn't have been on the offensive line - so excuse me if I'm way off base here. But why couldn't the Saints do some creative shuffling like this? Is moving Bushrod over to the right side really that tough of an adjustment for a tackle to make? I know it happens. Would moving Carl Nicks to the outside be a stupid move? I've always heard that left tackle is the most important position on the offensive line, so wouldn't the Saints want their best player there? Or perhaps all of this would screw up way too many other things, including chemistry and comfort, to ever be worth it?

Tell me I'm a genius or tell me I'm an idiot.