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Preseason Predictions: How Many Sacks Will the Saints Defense Notch?

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The Saints aren't known for their pass rush. In the Sean Payton era, the Saints have stayed in a range between 28 and 38 sacks a year. Last year, the Saints tallied a respectable 33, which was a decrease from 35 in 2009.

This off-season, the Saints have decided to upgrade their defensive line by adding Shaun Rogers, who has been impressing in camp, and Aubrayo Franklin. Will Smith has kind of showed up in the preseason and needs to have a good year to show he's still valuable to this team. Of course the Saints still have The Blitzmaster, Gregg Williams, as their defensive guru. So expect plenty of different blitzes which might include linebacker and defensive back sacks as well.

After all that, what I want to know is: how many sacks do you think the Saints will get in 2011?

This will be the first in a series of posts, just as we did last summer. The plan is to see how well people think the team will do in different categories and tally it after the season is over. Then, we can come back and laugh, cry or both at all of our guesses. So, while this post is about predicting the amount of sacks, feel free to discuss anything else related to getting quarterback pressure.

Make the jump to see the break down of last year's results.

During the 2010 season, the Saints had 33 sacks. With 617 votes cast, here's how you guys voted. Looks like most of you overestimated the defense. Not surprising.