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What Up With Dat?: Already Answered Questions

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Below are answers to just some of this weeks reader question submitted Tuesday. There will be answers to more of your questions later today. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below. 


Do you think practicing against the new and improved DL will have a positive, negative, or any impact on our running game? - Cajun CA.

What new and improved defensive line? Seriously, what have you seen from the defensive line thus far that makes you think they're improved? A few new faces at defensive tackle and an underperforming (thus far) first round draft pick doesn't mean the line has actually improved; it's just different looking. 

More rushing yards by season's end: Reggie Bush or Cam Newton? - Cold P.

Tough one. But I'll go with Reggie Bush. 


Who are Saints receivers on final roster? - Ben D.

I've already submitted my latest 53-man roster prediction. At wide receiver I've got Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem, Courtney Roby and Joe Morgan


Are you ok with Shanle and Herring or Casillas and Wilson? - Keith A.

Why are those my only two options? At this point I think the starting outside linebackers are a mixture of your two pairs: Will Herring and Jonathan Casillas


Which three current Saints will be Hall of Famers? - Deena C.

The two most likely players are Olin Kreutz and Drew Brees. Other than that, it's a tough call. There may not actually be anyone else on the roster good enough for the hall of fame. If I have to choose someone else, it would have to be based on potential alone. If that's the case, I'd have to go with either Jimmy Graham or Mark Ingram


Being a Saints fan and wearing a Saints jersey, would you feel a little scared or plenty scared going to the Oakland game knowing how their fans and the 49er fans fought and some got shot? Or would you be cool and say: they won't mess with this Saints fan?    - Tommy V. 

I would be plenty scared. The recent shootings aside, Oakland has always been known to be very unfriendly to visiting fans.


If you could have dinner with any Three individuals associated with the Saints  who would they be and why? - WhoDat U. I. Y.    

I've already been asked a similar question in a previous WUWD and given my answer. But yours is a slightly different question so I will give a slightly different answer. My three would be:

Drew BreesDo I need to explain why?

Rita Benson LeBlanc - She's really in charge. 

Dan Simmons - The teams equipment manager and the longest tenured employee with the organization. You bet your ass he's got some great stories.