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Preseason Predictions: Will the Saints Have a 1,000-Yard Receiver?

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As many fantasy football owners will tell you, you don't ever want to draft a Saints receiver because the Saints under Sean Payton will pick a different receiver every week to be rewarded with targets. Combined with Drew Brees' awesomeness and you've got one of the most prolific passing offenses in the league over the past five years.

Of course that means the Saints have only had one receiver, Marques Colston, break 1,000 yards in a single season in recent years, though Lance Moore came close in 2008 with 928 yards.

So my question is this: will the Saints have a 1,000 yard receiver this year? If so, who will it be? Or will there be multiple receivers who break the mark?

Again, the purpose of this post is to record everyone's predictions about the coming season. Then we can come back next season and laugh, cry, or both at what we predicted. Feel free to use this post as a springboard for any predictions or issues you think the Saints will have with their receiving game.

The results of last year's predictions are after the jump.

The Saints did in fact have a 1,000 yard receiver last year in Marques Colston (surprise, surprise), who racked up 1,023 yards. Around 68% of the voters last year predicted Colston would get the most yards among the receivers, which proves that Colston is still fairly reliable.