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New Orleans Saints 40 @ Oakland Raiders 20: Who Dat Say!?!

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Well, this was definitely a better result than last week, but I think we all still agree there's much work to be done for the Saints to be a well-oiled machine humming along to another great season.

Let's not delay any further and get to the wrap-up and analysis...after the jump, of course!

New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders |
Final statistics, recap, play-by-play, drive charts, and photos.

New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders |
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GregBensel That's a wrap, Coach Payton told media he was pleased with the team's effort but still work to be done! Land at 4 am!

miketripletttp CB Jabari Greer agreed that he was pleased with how hard d played.

wwltvsports  Vilma on Green Bay: ""Green Bay is such a good team and they have so many weapons we're going to have to get ready for"

wwltvsports RT @garlandgillen: Vilma: What you saw today was a product of our work this week.

wwltvsports  Vilma: ""missed tackles. That part did bother me a little bit, especially in that first series."

wwltvsports  Joique Bell says he ran hurdles in high school and just tried to use the same form when he leaped over the defender.

ivory_29 Great win tonight with more to come.. WHO DAT!

wwltvsports  Bell: "I don't think my roster spot is sustained."

miketripletttp #Saints RB Joique Bell: I don't think I've proven anything yet. Still have a lot more to learn. Had good game today but im not satisfied.

JohnnyPatrick32  Now headed back to new Orleans, what a great win for our team... Ain't been home in over a week gonna feel good to be in my bed tonight..

wwltvsports Bell: "I'm glad I'm not one of the coaches bc they have to make hard decisions every day." Says he just does what he enjoys every day.

wwltvsports Bell said he was supposed to be out 4 weeks w/ the PCL injury. Instead, he was out only a week.

wwltvsports Bell said he was supposed to be out 4 weeks w/ the PCL injury. Instead, he was out only a week.

wwltvsports  Said coming to New Orleans was a good thing for him RT @garlandgillen: Bell also played for the Bills, Colts. The Saints are his fourth team

wwltvsports  Brees" "It's really a dress rehearsal going into the season so you want to feel good where you are."

wwltvsports  Brees said this week has similarities to two years ago when the Saints plastered the Raiders in preseason week 3.

wwltvsports  Joique Bell said origin of name is from his grandparents, who told his parents its origin is "in category of conqueror."

hakimdropsball Don't know what excites me more: Ingram, Pierre, Sproles, Bell and Ivory... Or seeing Shark Night 3D next week. #priorities

jeffduncantp  RT @AlbertBreer@SI_JimTrotter With you on that one all the way. Saints were best team I saw this summer -- big, fast & deep at every pos.

miketripletttp  #Saints Joique Bell on 60-yard pass play: He went for my legs, and all I could think was jump. Thought back to when I hurdled in high school

wwltvsports  Brees on Katrina: ""It's that day that you as a New Orleanian take time to recognize how far the city has come since that day."

wwltvsports Brees on Katrina (contd): "Obviously in so many ways, it has come back so much better. But there's still so much work to be done."

JonVilma51 Hope u enjoyed it...still room for improvement tho but we're gettin there. Who Dat!

GregRomeus91  Big win for #whodatnation.. Finally goin back to the Big Easy

Mark_Ingram28 Great win for us tonight! Still so much more room for improvement though! #NeverSatisfied #WHODAT

kspainTP  #saints coach sean payton said not kicking xps was a precaution because g. hartley tweaked his hip. he said he didn't think it was serious

JonVilma51  And y is everybody makin fun of lil Wayne??

JonVilma51  Ohhhh I

robyslyfe  Its been real #WestCoast but its time to get back to tha Boot, #NOLA ..sore & tired but a great TEAM & all the way back!

jeffduncantp  Wrapping up here at, but want to remind everyone of the 6-year anniversary of Katrina tomorrow. Hard to believe it's been that long.

Mark_Ingram28 I never understood why people follow you if they don't like you *shrugs shoulders* oh well lol #slapyourself

drewbrees  Sittin on bus headed to airport. Can't wait to see my lil boys. Miss them so much. Brit will have them jump on me in the mornin. My favorite

Mark_Ingram28 Haters can't see me, nosebleed seats...

thomasmorstead Thanks for all the support tonight, props to the coverage teams, they bailed me out a few times. Bell had a great game as well #whodat

camjordan94 Good game great win #whodatnation str8 bay area team sweep #pinkyandthebrain mode planning to take over the world

alexbrown96  Great job!! RT @karimarbrown: Thanks!There are no words to describe how proud I am Coach gave him the (cont)

camjordan94  Sorry bay area I still say #gobears but had the niners n raiders murked

iWillSmith WIN tix/hotel/airfare for 4 to SAINTS v PACKERS NFL kickoff & help @heathevans fight sexual abuse! Raffle tix only $2!

iWillSmith Great win as a Team.. Time to go home.. NOLA bound.

JohnnyPatrick32  Boarding plane back to new Orleans... #WHODAT nation here we come, and I am gonna practice this week :)....

GregRomeus91 Theweeknd on repeat

robyslyfe  @Mark_Ingram28 #NowFollowing and u better follow back lil bruh or we fight'n..!

Mark_Ingram28 S/O to the big homie @robyslyfe!!

camjordan94  Engines Rollin time to k.o n wake up n #nola

robyslyfe Wheels up to NOLA!!!

Mark_Ingram28 Leaving Oakland, flying back to Nola! Y'all send us up a quick prayer for safe travels!!

robyslyfe  #Random but mannnn i need a hair cut ASAP. All this hair is covering my baby face lol.. #CampGrind

robyslyfe  "@Manning_Eli_1: Bawhaha this man @robyslyfe said baby face.....#imdone"<~U dont think so?? Lol..

ChaseDaniel Just now landing back in Nola! Feels good to be back...big win for us! Back at it later today!! #WhoDat

TylerLorenzen  I vary rarely see 4 or 5 AM. Glad we made it back safely. To the crib for some sleep!

camjordan94 Finally n N O.... Officially moving into my apt n a few hrs

camjordan94 Hahaha so sore my leg got it's own heart beat    


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By Raiders PR via

Head Coach Sean Payton

I don't have all the injury report right now but we will know more on a few of these guys when we get back to New Orleans tomorrow. We will be on a day off schedule and we will have treatments for them and then we will kind of have a Tuesday meeting, weight lifting session and a little bit of a walk thru in the afternoon but you know we have a good plane ride home here tonight and we have to get back to kind of our schedule when we get back home. I was pleased with the effort and I was pleased with our energy. That is something that was a goal of ours in this game; just playing hard and spending more time about each play then the final score or the score at any point. I felt again that we played well in the kicking game. Hartley was the only one that had a hip injury, I don't think it is serious, a pull. So rather than attempt extra points with Morstead instead I just went for two. Any questions?

I thought he had good tempo. I thought we were in and out of the huddle quicker than we have been and that is something that we always have been pretty good at and I thought that we were back at that tempo a little bit tonight.

He had enough snaps. It was kind of similar if you remember two years ago to I think it was the third preseason game that you want to have an idea of how many snaps you want guys to play and you have to use some game day awareness in regards to where guys are at. We substituted [John] Vilma, and a few others and then gradually got into our second phase, probably early part of that third quarter.

Oh I thought, listen I thought we battled well, third down there was a tip ball caught by an offensive line men and he rushed and I thought we settled in. I thought we had great effort and energy to the ball. You know we got a turn over later. Like I said I was pleased with the effort and the energy, the guys handled the week out here, the trip up here, and it was an important play. Every once in awhile you have to...especially with the veteran players as well as the younger players you have to see it and I thought tonight that a number of guys got a lot of good reps and good playing time for us to evaluate.

Well without getting ahead, we took it on that they will not play a lot anyway. We are playing the following Thursday so it be limited to probably a lot of them.

I think so, I think it certainly improved. I don't know if there is ever a complete satisfaction as a coach, but listen I thought that there is going to be a lot of good tape for us to watch and I thought our effort to the ball was good. It is a real good running team that we played and you know again overall without looking at the team I was pleased with the way that we came in here and responded after last wee

He did good, you know he handled a few different situations. He is getting more and more comfortable with what we are doing. Then you can see that he moves the ball and I think that he is beginning to do some things. He threw a couple of passes away and managed the game and that is one of the things that he is working on and I thought that he handled it well.

Well it is all of the positions and he is very smart, experience, and he made some big plays for us tonight. He certainly had the big scoring play. He is a real good route runner. He has some similarities to Marcus [Colston] in regards to his skill set and it was good to see him playing and it was a good game for him.

Yeah, well each year but he has played with real good effort and energy and there is a few of those guys that played more snaps because of maybe the depth overall at that position. There is a hand full of guys had maybe more snaps than anyone else and handled it.

Well you're always looking and trying to improve your depth. We feel like this off season was uniquely different than any other. I think the challenge that every team is going to face in the upcoming week and a half is making roster decisions with less time than normal to evaluate and that is going to be different for us than anyone else so we really have to study at the practice tapes, the practice one on ones, all the preseason films. You just have less time to make a decision. For a number of these guys, Thursday will be important. It will be a number of guys getting a lot of snaps and a few important ones in the evaluation process. Alright guys thanks


RB Mark Ingram

I thought we went out as a team and we played hard and we played fast. Sometimes like coach says you have to fill up the tank and take it on the highway and go as fast as you can. You know we played hard and played fast and that is what we were looking for tonight and we will make our adjustments and correct our mistakes when we watch the film Tuesday.


QB Drew Brees

The third preseason game is obviously the one where the starters get a majority of the playing time. It's really a dress rehearsal going into the regular season, so you definitely want to leave that game feeling good about where you are, even though we have almost two weeks of preparation prior to opening up against Green Bay. There are a lot of similarities to two years ago when we came out here. It felt like we were very efficient offensively running the football and throwing it. Obviously, there are some mistakes and some things you could have done better. But for them most part, I was pleased with what we were able to accomplish.


LB Jonathan Vilma

I think our effort was better. I think our intensity was better. Right, wrong, or indifferent, when we're on the field, we try our best to make it right. We had missed tackles, we gave up a touchdown in the first series, but we didn't let that affect the game. We came back and kept fighting and you see the score.


Head Coach Hue Jackson

I saw an offensive line protect. I saw a quarterback who I think is making huge progress, Jason Campbell, leading our team. We discovered a young runner in Taiwan Jones, which I thought exactly what he was he is. Derek Hagan stepped up and made some plays like I thought he could. I've seen improvement in our offense. There were some good things there. Obviously, there are still some things we're leaving on the field, but I thought there was some improvement from one week to the next.

It's an issue. I couldn't tell you if it's scheme or assignments. Obviously, on that side of the ball we have some work to do. But we'll do the work and we'll get it done. As I said a week ago, thank gosh this is not the regular season. We have some fixing to do and I understand that and we'll get it done.

You go to work. There is no substitute for hard work. This is just work. It's taking a unit, grinding on them, and getting them to do it, and they will. I know what is in that locker room. I know exactly how we need to play and I think they do too. We just have to keep working.

He has to learn from it. He's a rookie and he's a very talented young man and he's learning the NFL game. Until he starts making those plays consistently and he made some and he missed some, but until he makes them consistently, if he's out there, he's going to get targeted. I mean that's the way this league is. Wherever you're bleeding, people are going to scratch that area. We have some things to fix. I'm not discouraged by any stretch of the imagination because I know what's in that locker room.

I think the young man can play. He's proven that week in and week out. He's a veteran player; he works at it. I like all of our guys. I like the guys that are out there competing and playing and trust me, we have some very talented individuals. He's done well. He's represented himself well. Until we get everybody back, this young man has a chance to play. We're down still a couple guys and until that unfolds as we continue forward and shape this team to our vision, then he's going to have an opportunity.

I think this: I keep saying this, what I see in practice is not what happens in the games. I think what I need to do is, we're going to go back, and reevaluate what we're doing because I think we're doing some good things. I just think we're off a little here and there, but the most important part is that we're going to go to work. We're going to keep working at this because I think we have a legitimate chance. I know everybody doesn't see what I see, and I respect that, I totally do. I know what's in that locker room, I know what they're capable of doing and I'm going to get these guys to play football.

We'll see. I need to watch the tape, but I was excited that early in the game, this team is a very good defensive team that brings a lot of pressure. I thought our protection for the most part did a good job. We responded after they scored. We responded in the second half, we had some other opportunities. We had a play right before the half, very unfortunate, we took a shot in the end zone and all of a sudden it got picked. But I thought those guys battled, but again, I need to watch the tape to truly understand exactly what was going on. But I felt good about it, but again we could still improve and get better in those areas.

He did it. That's what I talk about. It's about performance. What you do in practice needs to show up on the field and that's what the young man did and that's what I'm looking for. When I talk to our team, that's exactly what I need to see. Those things you do in practice, they need to show up in the game. For that young man tonight, he did it.

I think we're a team, as I've told you, we're going to be multiple, we're going to do whatever it takes to score points. I have a pretty good idea of how we need to do that. There are things we do to camouflage certain things, but here's the deal. We're going to be a very good offensive football team; I truly believe that. We have some guys that aren't playing just yet, who will get back out there. I think we're very talented on that side of the ball and we need to get better. I think we're very talented defensively. I think this team just needs to keep playing. I'm not discouraged, disappointed, but not discouraged because as I tell you, I know what's in that locker room and I know exactly what this team is going to do.

If that's what it takes. If that's what it takes, we'll do whatever it takes to win. As long as we have one more point than the other team, then it's going to be a win, so I feel very comfortable with whatever it takes once we get to the regular season, whatever we need to do, we're going to do.

I can't tell you, it's too early to decide that. I need to watch the tape and get going through the week and see where we are and go from there.

I made the decision last night that I wasn't playing those two young men. I wanted them to come out and warm up and put them in cellophane, just like I told you I would. I wrapped them up and kept them over there.

I'm not going to make any excuses about the way we're tackling. We need to tackle better. You guys watched the game just like I did. I saw every play from one to the last so we need to tackle better; it's as simple as that. We need to go tackle better.

To me, Richard, not so much an injury, I think we needed to keep Richard under wraps too. I get to reserve the right to keep some guys down and I did that because I just know what we've done in practice and where we're headed. I didn't want to take the chance and put him out there, but Richard is fine.

There's a possibility for anything. We'll see when we get there.


QB Jason Campbell

I thought we came out and moved the ball really well against a very good defense. We had a lot of success, but once again what killed us were penalties. They put up more points then us in the first half, but I thought guys came out in the first half and moved the ball really well, our receivers made plays. Hagan and 17 (Denarius Moore) made great plays. We are going to continue to keep improving week to week, but overall we are disappointed because we didn't achieve what we came out to accomplish, which was get the win and we didn't make all the plays we envisioned making as a team. It's not about individuals or first team, second team, third team. We are all in this together and we need to help each other and make plays.

WR Derek Hagan

I thought it was ok. I felt like catching the ball was a positive, but when you look at the bigger picture, we didn't win the game plain and simple. It's not about me, it's about the team and obviously I'm trying to help this team win. When you don't win it's not a good feeling even though it is preseason. You just want to get a victory, period. You want to know how winning feels early even before the regular season. Hopefully on Friday when we play Seattle, we will fix the mistakes we made today and go out on Friday and make plays and not leave anything on the field.

LB Kamerion Wimbley

Well, obviously we did some things that were better in the run game and we still need to get a lot of stuff cleared up first. The amount of yards that they had was unacceptable and we have to get back to work in correcting these mistakes.

RB Taiwan Jones

I was happy just to get in. The fact that I was able to score in front of the Oakland fans felt pretty good. The hardest thing was trying to slow myself down. I was so anxious and excited that I was able to showcase my talent against another team, but I was a little too fast sometimes so I had to slow things down, take a deep breath, and try to be patient.


V-Roll Roll Call