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Fantasy Football 2011: Which Saints Players to Draft?

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Last week I announced that we're going to have our usual fantasy football league using the Yahoo! platform. I'm currently working behind the scenes to set everything up and select participants. In the meantime, lets take a look at some of the players on the Saints roster we should all be thinking about taking in our respective fantasy leagues. I hate to give away all of my valuable secrets but... 


Drew Brees - Brees is probably the surest bet of any player on the Saints roster to put up points on a regular basis each week. Considering his talent and the fact that the Saints run a pass-heavy offense, the points are sure to follow. I probably don't need to tell you any of this. Behind Aaron Rodgers, Drew could be the second best quarterback to draft, if not in the first round than definitely the second.

Jimmy Graham - All signs point to Jimmy Graham having a breakout year, which could mean big points in fantasy football. Though training camp is nowhere near over, I'd say the starting tight end spot is Graham's to lose. But I don't see that happening. He may not be in the top echelon of tight ends across the league just yet but he's definitely worth considering if some of the big name tight ends are already off the board.  

Saints Defense - This is my sleeper pick. The Saints had a good defense overall last year from a statistical standpoint but in fantasy, it's usually about turnovers, sacks and scoring points. That's why they were a great fantasy defense to have in 2009 but last year dropped off a bit. Maybe I'm just a little excited about all the upgrades they've made this off-season but this year I predict a return to their massive 2009 turnover-creating ways. Give them a look. 

Do Not Draft - I have a rule that I never draft Saints receivers. Because Payton and Brees like to spread the ball around, there isn't a true No. 1 receiver on the roster and you never know who's going to have a big day. It's just too difficult to predict who to start. You can think about drafting Colston if he's still available late but I would keep him purely for emergency purposes only.

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