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San Francisco 49ers Sign Jonathan Goodwin

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The San Francisco 49ers have signed Jonathan Goodwin to a three year deal. The news comes via Adam Schefter:

49ers reached agreement with center Jonathan Goodwin on a 3-year, $10.9 million deal, including $4 million guaranteed.

Wow. I guess that means Payton and Brees have faith in Matt Tennant. He's certainly going to be someone to watch during the preseason, to see if there are any problems. I was hoping Goodwin would sign with the Saints again, but the 49ers probably gave him a better deal than the Saints were willing to offer.

Goodwin's absence is the first change on the offensive line in two seasons. Though he wasn't a dominant center, he has been good and has developed a good relationship with Drew Brees. We'll have to see if Matt Tennant can do the same thing.

**Props to MtnExile for getting this fanshot up first**