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Philadelphia Eagles Sign Anthony Hargrove

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The Philadelphia Eagles have signed defensive linemen Anthony Hargrove. The news comes via Jason La Canfora:

Jim Washburn has another athlete in his arsenal with Eagles: DL Anthony Hargrove agrees to terms. Can play DT and DE. Good depth

This isn't all that surprising. We knew he was in talks with the Chicago Bears. And the Saints have been signing plenty of defensive linemen this free agency period, they must feel like they can afford to go in a different direction.

Though from a fan point of view, this was a bit of a blow. Most Saints fans liked Hargrove, and he did have an inspirational story behind him. However, that's business. We'll just have to hope the Saints know what they're doing with the other defensive linemen.

On another note, this is what happens when a team has 26 free agents. Not everyone's going to get re-signed and it leaves a lot of people out in the cold, especially with a lower salary cap than in 2009. Fan favorites and even players fans have come to know get sent off to other teams. However, the Saints have shown that they plan to improve their team in 2011, and inspirational stories won't win games.