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Where's David Thomas?

Anybody notice tight end David Thomas? Me neither. 

The Saints have completed training camp and have three preseason games under their belt yet I can't remember ever hearing anything about The Baconator since the Saints re-signed him to a 3-year $5.5 million contract in the early part of August. 

He shows up nowhere on the preseason stat sheet and I'm not sure he's even been targeted in a game. He's rarely ever mentioned in media practice reports. There has been no injury reported and he's been practicing regularly. Yet he's pretty much disappeared without going anywhere. So what's the deal?

Is it just a result of the media focusing on other players who are actually fighting for a roster spot? That wouldn't explain his zero production in preseason games. Has Jimmy Graham simply become that huge a part of the offense that there isn't even room for Thomas anymore? Tory Humphrey has gotten opportunities. Is he just playing poorly? We'd probably hear about that. Perhaps he's a big part of the game plan for Green Bay or Chicago and Payton doesn't want to reveal anything or risk injury? This one's my favorite scenario. 

Really, I'm thinking the fact we haven't heard anything just means he's been coming to work, doing his job well and the coaches know what he's capable of. End of story. He's the Scott Shanle of the offense.  

Anyone else have any thoughts on this or am I the only one?