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Saints To Make Initial Roster Cuts Today: Who Won't Survive?

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The first set of NFL roster cuts are due this afternoon, as teams must trim their player inventory from a maximum of 90 to a total of 80 by today. Which means the Saints must eliminate 10 roster spots. 

Normally, NFL rosters would currently be at a maximum of 80 players with teams having to trim down to 75 today but with rosters expanded because of the lockout, the numbers are a bit higher this season. NFL teams must make final roster cuts to a total of 53 players by September 3rd, 2011. 

Below is just some personal speculation about how we might see the Saints roster cuts play out today. Your critique and opinion are welcome as always. Feel free to discuss any other players you feel might be in harms way.

C - Ryan Taylor 

The Saints are already set at center with Olin Kreutz and Matt Tennant. With two other centers currently on the roster in Taylor and Cecil Newton, there's a bit of crowd. Either of the two could legitimately be cut today but since Newton has some NFL experience already, I think they'll keep him around for one more week and Taylor says goodbye today. 


FB - Kolby Hurt

Sean Payton has said himself he would keep two fullbacks on the final roster if he needed. Unfortunately for Kolby Hurt, he wasn't one of the two that Payton was referencing. There's a good chance Hurt could be gone, leaving Jed Collins and Korey Hall to battle it out in the final preseason game. 


LS - Kyle Nelson

I'm pretty sure the Saints will go with the incumbent Justin Drescher as their long snapper, which leaves Nelson out in the cold. If the team is as sure as I am, cutting Nelson is an easy way to free up a roster spot.   


TE - Michael Higgins

The Saints will probably go with just three tight ends on their final roster with Tory Humphrey and Tyler Lorenzen fighting it out for that third spot. If the Saints don't want to keep a little depth at the position to get them through the final preseason game, Higgins could be a goner.  


WR - John Chiles

We know the Saints are set at wide receiver and we pretty much know who is going to make the final roster. Chiles isn't going to be one of them. He and a couple of other receivers will get the boot either now or next week, it's just a question of when. 


LB - Dwight Roberson

I don't know anything about this guy and neither do the Saints, so he's probably going to get cut. 


LB - Ramon Humber/Ezra Butler

There are plenty of linebackers on the Saints roster which means room to cut. These two haven't seen many snaps in preseason action so I think one of them is likely to go. 


CB - Quincy Butler/Fabian Washington

There are plenty of cornerbacks currently on the roster and we've already got a pretty good idea which ones will make the final roster. Butler and Washington aren't on the short list. I don't even remember seeing either of them out on the field during the first three preseason games and there are still plenty of CB's on the roster to try out and get the Saints through the final game. 


Injured Reserve

In lieu of cutting someone the Saints may decide instead to place a player on Injured Reserve, effectively ending their season and not having them count toward the official roster number. Greg Romeus hasn't practiced yet and many, including myself, are expecting him to placed on IR this year; might as well do it now. Clint Ingram also hasn't practiced yet and could be placed on IR, though he might be more suitable for the PUP list if his return is inevitable. Finally, though a lot of fans might not want to hear this, Joe Morgan could get stashed away on IR as well after his recent surgery. Since the Saints already have plenty of talent at wide receiver, they may want to wait another year and give Morgan even more time to develop.