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Saints Sign John Kasay, Release/Waive Alex Brown and Others

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The Saints have officially announced the signing of veteran kicker John Kasay, formerly of the Carolina Panthers. Meanwhile, in addition to DeAndre McDaniel and Jarred Fayson, who were released earlier today, the Saints have released/waived the following players:

DE - Alex Brown

CB - Mark Parsons

WR - John Chiles    

G - Roger Allen

LB - Ezra Butler

T - Dan Gay

FB - Kolby Hurt

C - Ryan Taylor

RB - Chris Taylor   

Brown is probably the most surprising since he's been the starting defensive end for the team, though he hasn't really performed well since being signed by the team last year.

With a total of 11 players released and one player signed, that should mean the Saints are right at 80 players, where they need to be.