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Canal Street Chronicles Hosts Pick 'Em League! Do You Want In?

For the first time ever, Canal Street Chronicles is going to host an NFL Pick 'Em league! Don't know what a Pick 'Em league is? Take a look here for more information about it.

Basically, you pick the winner of each NFL game every week and place confidence points based on how sure you are about that team winning. You win more points for placing more confidence points on a team. You don't lose points for wrong guesses, but too many wrong guesses and you'll find yourself behind everyone else in the league.

The league goes through the playoffs so you'll be in the league until February. The good news is, anyone who's interested can join and no one will be rejected!

So if you're interested, learn how to sign up after the jump!

To login to the official CSC Pick 'Em League, go here and select "Join Group."

Once there, enter the group ID #36648 and the password whodat.

If you're having trouble with logging in that way, send me an email so that I have your email address and can send you a league invite.

I hope everyone gets in on this and we can have a lot of fun over the course of the 2011 season!