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Saints Sign Center Olin Kreutz

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The New Orleans Saints have signed Center Olin Kreutz, formerly of the Chicago Bears, to a contract. The news comes via Brad Briggs, reporter for the Chicago Tribune:

Former #Bears center Olin Kreutz signing a contract with #Saints

Seems like Mickey Loomis and the Saints front office has done it again. There were reports that Kreutz had come in for a visit yesterday, and it seems Payton and Loomis liked what they saw.

This signing is very likely to push Tennant back onto the bench and give him more time to develop before becoming the starting center.

When details of the contract is released, we'll update this post.

UPDATE [8/5/11 12:35 PM CDT] Details of the contract come via Jason La Canfora:

Olin Kruetz will be a Saint, I'm told. Vet center to get 1yr deal worth roughly $2M, with chance to double it in incentives. More money...

Brad Biggs also has a story up about how Olin turned down more money to come play for the Saints. Got to love that championship feel to the team.