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New Orleans Saints 2011: Something's Gotta Give

I've got to admit the news of Chris Ivory having sports hernia surgery was eerily familiar and more than a little alarming. First of all, are these hernia thingamajigs common across the league or is this some crazy pandemic ravaging only the Saints? Because they seem to be an all too common occurrence here in New Orleans. 

Seriously though, I'm starting to get a just the slightest bit worried. Not so much because the absence of Ivory terrifies me or I think his recovery time will be longer than expected, but because I fear this may just be the beginning of a disturbing trend for the Saints this season. I'm frightened that this is just the tip of the iceberg, an injury plagued season hiding beneath the freezing cold water. 

Let's face it, things have been going way too well for the Saints so far this off-season. Almost too well. A kick ass draft, a sweet free agency period and respect for both by the mainstream media. Something's gotta give, right? We've seen it before and we'll see it again: a team is loaded with talent and looks great on paper but just can't seem to recover from significant injuries throughout the year. As of now, the Saints are about as qualified a team as any to get completely screwed by the injury bug. Except for possibly the Eagles

So just chalk it up to my cautiously optimistic, Debbie Downer mentality for now. Obviously I'm being a bit dramatic at this point and obviously I want nothing more than everyone to remain healthy. But if Mark Ingram tears his ACL while stretching before practice and Aubrayo Franklin catches hypothermia sitting in the cold tub, consider raising your Defcon level to "Oh, S#!+"