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Five Reasons to Be Optimistic About The 2011 New Orleans Saints Season

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Payton is excited about my new found optimism.
Payton is excited about my new found optimism.

After my recent attempts to be a pessimistic person, I'm now going to take the opposite stance and be an optimistic fan. I want to explain to you why I think this coming Saints season will explode with the happiness of Who Dat Nation! Because, in all seriousness, I really had to think hard to be a pessimist about the Saints this year. Yet I had no trouble at all finding reasons to be excited about this team.

I really do feel like the Saints are better than the 2009 team in terms of talent. Brees is still Brees. The running backs are better. The offensive line is mostly the same if not better. The defensive line has been bolstered. The receivers are still the same great guys, while the secondary is incredibly deep.

However, those are just some of the reasons why I'm excited about this years team. Make the jump to see the other five reasons.

*Once again, special thanks to bigfatdrunk from Battle Red Blog for letting me use his idea.

#5: Malcolm Jenkins

Have you heard of this guy? I heard he's kinda good. Seriously. The reports from camp are that he's been all over the place. Intercepting Brees, intercepting camp bodies, hitting Mark Ingram so hard his helmet comes off. I'm officially placing Jenkins on my "mancrush" list. Why? Because I seriously believe that Malcolm Jenkins is going to become one of the new elite safeties after the era of Reed and Polamalu is over. It feels great to watch him blossom as well as he has, and it's only going to get better from here my friends.

#4: Flying Under the Radar

Have you heard about how awesome the Eagles are? They are soooooo savy! Did you see how savy they were? That must mean they are the inevitable Super Bowl winners! Who needs a season to actually determine that? Because there's no way that having a top tier roster and absolutely no depth will work out over sixteen to nineteen games. I mean, the 2010 Saints didn't have injuries and that worked out fine right?

Seriously speaking, the media is riding high on the Philadelphia Eagles right now while the Saints have kinda stayed under the radar, making signings that really "wow" people. Not just that, but they have some great depth at almost every position. As well, that should lead to a much better special teams unit which will help the team twice over.

#3: Culture of Success

How many of you older fans thought that would ever be associated with the New Orleans Saints? "Like I said, this team has already won a Super Bowl. I'm just trying to help them win another one." Those words were said by Aubrayo Franklin when asked why he signed with the Saints over other teams. "He actually had a flight out [of New Orleans] this morning and he never got on it." Those words came from Sean Payton about Olin Kreutz, who chose the Saints offer even though they offered less money.

These players and more are coming to the Saints because they sense the same thing fans do: this team can go all the way this year. The Saints, under Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis, have bred a culture of success that makes other free agents want to come in hopes of getting a Super Bowl ring. They want to come to a team with successful coaches, an elite quarterback and a competent front office.

#2: Revamped Running Game

Why is the running game appearing on both the pessimistic and optimistic posts? Because that's how much the 2011 season depends on it. We all saw what happened when the Saints running game breaks down. Now the Saints appear to have fixed most of their problems on the ground in 2010. They added Heisman-winning running back Mark Ingram. They kept my other 'mancrush,' Pierre Thomas. They've kept 'the bruiser' (in more ways than one) Chris Ivory. And they've added speedster Darren Sproles, who is considered to be a better version of Reggie Bush.

This gives Sean Payton more options to play around with and takes away Payton's excuse for not running the ball enough. As for those worried about Mark Ingram being a bust, let's ask NFL Network reporter Albert Breer his opinion on Ingram:

Oh, and Mark Ingram's gonna be a star.

#1: Drew Brees

Did you know Drew Brees is still the starting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints? Do you know how awesome that is? Drew Brees is currently an elite QB in the NFL and has the potential to get into the Hall of Fame. As for those still worried about his disappointing 2010 season, I highly recommend you check out my fanpost showing his stats and how they compared to his 2007 season. I seriously believe that Drew Brees is going to show that 2009 is something he can easily duplicate; he just needed some time off and a running game that can actually be utilized.

So now that you guys have read my reasons about being pessimistic and optimistic, how do you feel about this season? Are you with me on Train Two Dat? Or are you already prepping your 2012 mock drafts when the Saints will finally draft a first round linebacker?