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NFC South Roundup: Where Cam Newton is Loved

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"Oh my God! Roundup is back!"
"Oh my God! Roundup is back!"

Oh my gosh! I can hardly wait! The first pre-season games start this week! This week! Football is finally back! AHHHHH!! I'm going to explode with happiness.

Sure it may only be a pre-season game, but c'mon, football is back! We will finally get to see some of those position battles at linebacker and get to take a look at how the new offensive line looks with a new center.

That's later this week, however, so for now you'll have to get by on Roundup! We're back in action and we've got links, videos, poor attempts at humor and some information on the Saints pre-season game. You'll have to make the jump to read all about it!

Panthers News:

Solving the Carolina Panthers' DT woes long term - Cat Scratch Reader
Oh, that's so sweet of you. But really, you don't have to do that. Just keep spending $72 million on your own 2-14 guys. I'm good with that.

Is WR passivity the Carolina Panthers biggest enemy? - Cat Scratch Reader
Who needs those guys? Am I right?

Panthers Recent Investments Will Have Lasting Impact - Cat Scratch Reader
Jamarcus Russell lasting?

Bucs News:

Did the Bucs Get Younger? - Bucs Nation
This ties in with why I'm scared of the Bucs. They may not be good this year, but holy crap do they look scary in a few years. They're going all out on the future, while the Saints are going all-out now. Which is great for now, but in a few years the Saints won't be looking all that pretty with a mortgaged draft.

Time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to unleash Josh Freeman - Bucs Nation
First thing I thought of when I read this headline.

Wide Receivers struggling for a roster spot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bucs Nation
Who needs those guys? Am I right?

Falcons News:

The Falcoholic's Absurdly Early Guess At The Falcons Roster - The Falcoholic
The Falcoholic takes an early stab at the 2011 Atlanta Falcons roster and practice squad. Will readers agree? Oh, the tension! (Jon note: That was the included text when I clipped the article. It was so funny, I decided to keep it.)

The Falcoholic Hits Two Million Visits - The Falcoholic
Just like the Falcons to always be in the Saints shadow.

Why Jason Snelling's Return To The Falcons Is Good News - The Falcoholic
I'm trying to think of an upside for the Saints. But every time I try, I see Snelling for six yards on a stretch play.

Saints Pre-season Game - Week 1:

San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints

Friday August 12, 7:00 PM CDT

TV: CST/Fox 8 Radio: 870 AM