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2011 NFL Kickoff Weekend: Open Thread

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The Saints are done for the week but the rest of the NFL is just getting started. If you're hanging around the house today and checking out the competition, keep it here to talk about all the action.

A list of today's games can be found after the jump. To check out the TV distribution map and find out what games are being shown in your area, click here.

I've got the Falcons @ Bears and Steelers @ Ravens for the early games and Giants @ Redskins showing locally here in New Orleans for the later game.

Early Games (1:00pm)

Steelers @ Ravens

Falcons @ Bears

Bengals @ Browns

Colts @ Houston

Titans @ Jaguars

Bills @ Chiefs

Eagles @ Rams

Lions @ Buccaneers

Late Games (4:15pm)

Panthers @ Cardinals

Vikings @ Chargers

Seahawks @ Niners

Giants @ Redskins

Night Game (8:20pm)

Cowboys @ Jets