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2011 NFL Kickoff Weekend: Open Thread - Late Games

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The early games are all done and put into the book. The Atlanta Falcons lost to the Chicago Bears, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still fighting against the Detroit Lions. No good news for the NFC South is good news for the Saints, who already played on Thursday night and lost.

Now, it's time for the later games of the day. I've got Giants @ Redskins on Fox. With no game on CBS. What games you got CSC?

Stick around here for the afternoon games of the day.

Early Games (1:00pm)

Steelers 7 @ Ravens 35

Falcons 13 @ Bears 30

Bengals 27 @ Browns 17

Colts 7 @ Houston 34

Titans 14 @ Jaguars 16

Bills 41 @ Chiefs 7

Eagles 31@ Rams 13

Lions 27 @ Buccaneers 21

Late Games (4:15pm)

Panthers @ Cardinals

Vikings @ Chargers

Seahawks @ Niners

Giants @ Redskins

Night Game (8:20pm)

Cowboys @ Jets