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Bears 10 @ Saints 16: Second Half Open Thread

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So far, nothing too surprising. Drew Brees looks good passing the ball, the Saints running game is somewhat iffy, while Darren Sproles is fast. The offense could do better, especially in the redzone, but it could be a lot worse.

Defense still can't tackle. Hit, yes they can do that. However, they need to start tackling with their arms and their bodies, not their shoulders and heads.

Otherwise, I'm satisfied with this half. What about you guys? What do you think the Saints need to do to continue to lead over the Bears?

Make the jump for the open thread and some first half stats.

Bears Saints
First Downs 10 8
Total Yards 165 229
Passing Yards 104 180
Rushing Yards 61 49
Penalties 3 (32) 4 (23)
Punts 4 (40) 1 (42)
Time of Possession 12:43 17:17