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NFL Week 3 Preview & CSC Pick 'Em League Recap

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That Saints win over the Bears was something, huh? It was exactly what the Saints needed. A defensive domination over a good team and a nice 30 points on a defense that absolutely crushed the Falcons "improved" offense. How about the rest of the league though? That Titans-Ravens game? Yeah, um, what the hell Baltimore?

In our weekly Pick 'Em league, I improved over the previous week, but I still find myself out of the Top 20. However, we had someone who was just 2 points away from a perfect game. That's amazing! Who was it? Well, you're going to have to make the jump to find that out, as well as see my picks for the upcoming week in the NFL.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) @ Carolina Panthers (0-2) 12:00 PM CST

Sounds like a boring game. To pick this winner, I'm going with the team with a competent quarterback which, somehow, ends up being the Carolina Panthers. Seriously, did you guys hear that Luke McCown had a 1.8 QB rating? He would have had a higher rating if he spiked all 19 of his pass attempts than doing what he did last Sunday.

WINNER- Panthers

Detroit Lions (2-0) @ Minnesota Vikings (0-2) 12:00 PM CST

Though Bucs fans may be upset with me saying this, here's the Lions true test to see if they are a real contender. The Vikings have managed to blow two leads in a row and really need a win. Meanwhile, the Lions want to get a road win over a division opponent, something I'm sure they haven't done in a while. I think the Vikings get out to a quick lead in the first half, with the Lions making some stupid mistakes, then come back in the third quarter and have a solid lead by game end. Of course, I'm also not the top picker in the CSC league, so what do I know?



San Francisco 49ers (1-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) 12:00 PM CST

I have no clue with this one. I don't want to place faith in the Bengals, but I don't want to place any faith in the 49ers outside of their division either. I'll go ahead and go with the Bengals for now, but I'd watch this one closely for any key injuries.

WINNER- Bengals, because someone has to win

Miami Dolphins (0-2) @ Cleveland Browns (1-1) 12:00 PM CST

Easy: Dolphins. They are better on the road under the current regime and must have a win for any playoff hopes. Meanwhile, the Browns are still mediocre.

WINNER- Dolphins


New England Patriots (2-0) @ Buffalo Bills (2-0) 12:00 PM CST

All good things must come to an end. This game basically sums up what life must be life as a Bills fan. You get some hope and faith that things are about to turn around...and then the Patriots come to town and stomp on your sand castle that you spent all day building.

WINNER- Patriots


New York Giants (1-1) @ Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) 12:00 PM CST

A mediocre team at an overrated team. The Eagles may be overrated but they are still good. I would like to pick against the Eagles just because of their inability to beat the Atlanta Falcons. Meanwhile, Eli Manning's interceptions are better than Tom Brady's interceptions.

WINNER- Eagles

Denver Broncos (1-1) @ Tennessee Titans (1-1) 12:00 PM CST

Battle of the inept offenses! Otherwise known as The Punt Off! Last week the Titans benefited from the Ravens...not showing up to the game, while the Broncos barely beat a poor Cincinnati team. Guh. I think I'm going to flip a coin.

WINNER- Heads (take that to mean whatever you want)


Houston Texans (2-0) @ New Orleans Saints (1-1) 12:00 PM CST

Now for the only game that matters on Sunday! This is likely to be one of the tougher games for the Saints this season. Everyone knows that the Texans have a fantastic offense with a plug-and-play zone blocking scheme. They also have the best QB-WR combo in the league with Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. The Texans defense has been renovated and looked downright awful when Johnathan Joseph left with an injury in the Miami game. As well, their run defense up the middle is very weak. This is a game that would lead to great things if Sean Payton pounds Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas up the gut. Will he do that? It's the difference between a victory and a loss, in my opinion.

WINNER- Saints


New York Jets (2-0) @ Oakland Raiders (1-1) 3:00 PM CST

Two great secondaries with two mediocre quarterbacks. I want to give it to the Jets, but I have a feeling in my gut (though it may just be indigestion) that the Raiders will win this game. Why? Because I need to make one crazy guess a week.

WINNER- Raiders


Baltimore Ravens (1-1) @ St. Louis Rams (0-2) 3:00 PM CST

Two teams coming off a loss last week that could have been avoided. The Rams did everything right...except in the redzone. They were also the recipients of bad luck. The Ravens, meanwhile, forgot to board the plane in Baltimore and a local Tennessee high school was forced to play in their stead. I really want the Rams to win this one, but I can't see the Ravens front seven not teeing off on Sam Bradford.

WINNER- Ravens


Kansas City Chiefs (0-16 2) @ San Diego Chargers (1-1) 3:00 PM CST


WINNER- Chargers


Atlanta Falcons (1-1) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) 3:15 PM CST

Last year's Falcons @ Bucs game ended on a Brent Grimes interception short of a possible comeback win for the Bucs. This year, the Bucs are a year older and wiser, while the Falcons' "improved" offense looked great as Matt Ryan threw a career high four touchdowns...and two interceptions. If it wasn't for Vick giving up three turnovers, the Eagles would have won the game. I think the Bucs manage to get the Falcons in a let down game for the dirty birds.

WINNER- Buccaneers


Arizona Cardinals (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (0-2) 3:15 PM CST

Arizona would likely be a 2-14 team at best if they played outside of the NFC West. Meanwhile, Seattle might be a 0-16 team inside the NFC West. I think the Seahawks can get close to a win, but not actually get one. At least not right now.

WINNER- Cardinals


Green Bay Packers (2-0) @ Chicago Bears (1-1) 3:15 PM CST

Here's some quick math for you. Packers > Saints. Saints > Bears. Now, in the world of math, it follows that the Packers are better than the Bears. What does that mean in the world of the NFL?



Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) @ Indianapolis Colts (0-2) 7:20 PM CST

Wow. This is the Sunday night game? The Colts had a small chance when Payton Manning was going to play. Without him? A prime time embarrassment.

WINNER- Steelers


Washington Redskins (2-0) @ Dallas Cowboys (1-1) Monday 7:30 PM CST

Rex Grossman? A quality starter? Mike Shanahan must have gotten his hands on some kind of device that alters physics. Because of that, I'm going with the Redskins universe altering device over the Cowboys choking device. Just a quick FYI: the Redskins are currently leading the division. I'm scared...

WINNER- Redskins


CSC Pick 'Em League Recap

So the second week has passed, and the Drew Brees Award for Pinpoint Accuracy needs to go to someone. This person came out of nowhere to earn a near perfect 15-1 record. That's astounding and worthy of the award. Who is this accurate person? Why, it's Ingramania! (134 points)!

Ingramania! also wins the Super Bowl Swagger award for having the most points (134 points) in the past week. Absolutely amazing performance by him/her.

Should've put Money on it: All but one picker correctly picked the Detroit Lions to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

The "We're Dumb" Award: All but one picker incorrectly picked the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Tennessee Titans. I would normally mock us all, but it still boggles my mind how the Titans won.

Sippin' on the purple drank: Dan39465..., Big Eazy, Realsaint, GEO Ballers, and Hellspawn put down a maximum amount of 16 confidence points on the New Orleans Saints to beat the Chicago Bears. They were all repaid for their faith in the drank.

"Should be Ashamed of Yourselves" Award: MCs, GWUColonial, and WiBear434 all picked the Chicago Bears to beat the New Orleans Saints. You see what happens when you're a traitor?

Sean Payton's Brass Balls Award: For the second week in a row, KillnBill wins this award for his faith in the Tennessee Titans. The only one in the entire pick 'em group to do so.

Sean Payton "Obvious Playcall is Obvious" Award: This award goes to GWUColonial for being the only person willing to trust Pete Carroll and the Seahawks against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You see what happens when you pick the Seahawks to win any game when they aren't facing Roman Harper? (chugs more purple drank)

The "1970's New Orleans Saints" Award: This award goes to the 11 people who did not earn any points. How did they not earn any points? Besides DrZin (who still is not using the confidence points system), none of these people submitted picks. If you did not submit any picks, this is your first week warning. Two of you already missed a week.


Top-Five CSC Pick 'Em League

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 TEAM DEATH 224 23-9
2 ingramania 219 24-8
3 Server 217 25-7
4 Bondcrash 214 23-9
5 Dan39465... 213 23-9


Make sure to get your picks in 5 minutes before the first game on Sunday, September 25.