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Game Ball of the Week: Steve Gleason

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It's time to give out another game ball and this week I see no reason it shouldn't go to the same person to whom the team actually awarded their real game ball, Steve Gleason. Obviously not for what he did in the game against Houston this past Sunday, he hasn't played in years. More really for what he did five years ago that day and for just being a great guy in general.    

Based on actual game play I would be giving my game ball to Lance Moore. His 9 receptions against Houston were a career high and his 88 yards receiving were the most for him since Week 3 of last season. Great to have you back, Lance. 

But Gleason was the man of the hour this past weekend and the tribute shall continue with this post. He is, of course, remembered most for his role as blocker in arguably the greatest play of Saints history, the Dome re-opening punt block touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons in September 2006.  

A play so epic, not so much because it set the tone and propelled the Saints to victory against the Falcons on that important night, but because it signaled the launch of the modern Saints era as we know and love it; a championship era. It's fitting that the organization gave Gleason a Super Bowl ring last night because in many ways, the teams journey to that championship didn't start during training camp in 2009 but on that night in 2006 and more specifically, with that play. 

I can't really speak for every single Saints fan, at least not usually. But I think it would be safe to say that everyone in Who Dat Nation wishes Steve all the best. 

Of course no Steve Gleason post would be complete without a video of the play. So I leave you with this...