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The Boldest Saints Fans: Whistle Monsta

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Two weeks ago you guys voted for who you thought was the boldest Saints fan and the results are in.

By only the slimmest of margins over Halo Saint and Da Pope, our winner and the title holder of boldest Saints fan is none other than Whistle Monsta. But who is he? Who is the man behind the whistle?

So I did some digging and found a good bit of info out there on the web about Leroy Mitchell, the man better known to Saints fans as Whistle Monsta. Did you know that he holds the world record for loudest whistle? Or that he has a charitable foundation? Make the jump to learn more about the man, the fan, the legend.

Then cast your vote for Canal Street Chronicles' boldest Saints fan from one of the nominees you guys nominated!

To really get to know Whistle Monsta on a more personal level, check out these two videos...

When he's not working at his regular job as doorman of the Hotel Monteleone, Leroy is helping out as a member of the brain trust behind his Whistle Monsta Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting children's education in New Orleans. You can follow his foundation by liking their Facebook page.

Don't forget to cast your vote for Canal Street Chronicles' boldest Saints fan!