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Saints Announce Final Roster Cuts

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With the deadline to make their final roster cuts at 6:00 PM EST, the Saints waited until the very end to make their official announcement.

From what I can tell, most of what was announced had already been tweeted last night, and was in Dave's post last night. Though, a few more names have popped up. The first of which is QB Sean Canfield. For those who watched his performance during the preseason, this is probably not a shock. Canfield didn't look too good and clearly needs more time on the practice squad.

As well, the Saints have parted ways with long snapper Kyle Nelson and linebacker Nate Bussey, the Saints second 7th round selection of the 2011 NFL Draft.

The full list of cuts are after the jump.

The news all comes from the New Orleans Saints twitter account:

ROSTER UPDATE: The Saints have terminated the contracts of the following veteran players: TE Tory Humphrey, T George Foster, T Jordan Black, S Chris Reis, CB Trumaine McBride, CB Quincy Butler, LB Clint Ingram, RB Chris Taylor (from reserve/injured list) & S Pierson Prioleau

The following players were waived today: TE Tyler Lorenzen, WR Montez Billings, LB Dwight Roberson, DT Dexter Larimore, QB Sean Canfield, WR Andy Tanner, CB Terrail Lambert, LS Kyle Nelson, LB Nate Bussey, C Cecil Newton, WR Jarred Fayson (from reserve/injured) & TE Michael Higgins.

For those that don't won't to deal with twitter, here's the news from the Saints official website.



TE - Tory Humphrey

T - George Foster

T - Jordan Black

S - Chris Reis

CB - Trumaine McBride

CB - Quincy Butler

LB - Clint Ingram

RB - Chris Taylor

S - Pierson Prioleau

TE - Tyler Lorenzen

WR - Montez Billings

LB - Dwight Roberson

DT - Dexter Larimore

QB - Sean Canfield

WR - Andy Tanner

CB - Terrail Lambert

LS - Kyle Nelson

LB - Nate Bussey

C - Cecil Newton

WR - Jarred Fayson

TE - Michael Higgins

DT - Swanson Miller



RB - Chris Ivory

DE - Greg Romeus


Placed on IR

WR - Joe Morgan

S - Paul Oliver

RB - Patrick Cobbs

CB - Fabian Washington