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Sean Payton Signs Contract Extension with Saints through 2015

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The New Orleans Saints and head coach Sean Payton have agreed on a contract extension through the 2015 season, per Greg Bensel, the teams vice president of communications.

The New Orleans Saints extend the contract of Head Coach Sean Payton through the 2015 Season.

It looks like New Orleans will continue to be Payton's Place for at least another four years, meaning those of you worried about a possible job relocation to Dallas by the head coach can breath a little easier.

I think this is great news, as it keeps Sean with the team and with Drew Brees through the quarterbacks prime remaining years, something he acknowledged on Pro Football Talk last week:

I think we got at least another good 5 or 6 years in us here. The correct answer would be as long as Brees is here and we feel like we're in this window of opportunity.

Obviously, the coach and quarterback's careers are tied together. Now the team needs to get it's other pillar of success, Brees, locked up to a long term deal.