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Saints 34 @ Packers 42: Down to the Last Play

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Down by eight points with three seconds left and with the ball on the Packers one-yard line, the Saints had one final chance to score a touchdown and possibly tie the game with the ensuing two-point conversion. But Ingram came up short behind the pile as time expired. The Packers would win by a score of 42-34.

This game was definitely a memorable thriller. But don't be fooled. In reality, it's amazing the Saints even had a chance to tie the game. Other than some of those key short-yardage plays, the offense looked darn good. Brees played great. The running game, for the most part, looked good. Darren Sproles was a beast.

But the defense was horrid. The tackling was abominable. From their first series. And after Marques Colston coughed up the football on the first drive, the Saints were never able to recover.

We'll get into more detail about the game tomorrow. Until then, talk about it here. Click the picture for more from the game. Vote in the poll. I didn't include anyone on the defense.