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Rumor: Pete Carmichael, Jr. to Interview for Dolphins Head Coaching Job

Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another Pete Carmichael, Jr's been messing around...with the possibility of becoming the Dolphins new head coach. Apparently he's going to interview for the position now that the Saints season is over, per some random dude I happen to know.

Wouldn't be surprised if it were true. He's been on Miami's short list, despite turning down the Dolphins twice in the past for an offensive coordinator position. Obviously, I would hate to see him go. We've been spoiled with this offense. I know he and his family are settled here in New Orleans so the deal would probably have to be pretty sweet for him to pick up and leave everything behind.

Losing players and coaches comes with the territory when you build a successful football team like the Saints. What worries me is the possibility that this team will lose too many of the key players and coaches that have allowed them to get here in the first place. New offensive and defensive coordinators? The fear of the unknown is probably what's most frightening.