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Gregg Williams Likely Leaving New Orleans, Heading to St. Louis

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The speculation that New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will reportedly join new Rams head coach Jeff Fischer in St. Louis continues today. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that it's all but a done deal.

Technically the news isn't official just yet, so please keep that in mind, but I'm sure it's going to happen. Linebacker Jonathan Vilma tweeted this less than an hour ago:

Gregg williams is a great coach, I wish him luck in st Louis

I've always liked Williams and the attitude he brought to this team. This is clearly a sad day, as we watch such a key piece of the Super Bowl Saints leave town. He will be missed.

And to all those fickle fans that have mysteriously grown to hate Williams over the past few seasons despite his crucial role in bringing New Orleans it's first ever Super Bowl championship, I ask that you shut the hell up and show some damned respect because you're probably an idiot. You don't need to like him or his coaching style, but to read some of the crap I've seen since the 49ers beat the Saints, you'd think the man killed Drew Brees. Get a life.