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Fleur-de-Links: January 18, 2012

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Greg Romeus
"A girl that's asks for nothing deserves everything!"

Jermon Bushrod
": when was ur last pancake?" this morning! lol

Jermon Bushrod
": How does it feel to be a Pro Bowl OT?" it's a blessing and it's crazy
Chris Mortensen
Archie Manning laughed when he heard said Peyton will retire, "Noooo...he ain't retiring. I think he would've told me."

deuce mcallister
": behind the scenes look at in the studio for a photo shoot! "got my Joe Horn Going

Johnny Patrick
Life is all about taken chances.....

Jermon Bushrod
Absolutely... i cant wait.. RT : You still planning on having your golf tournament this year?

Jermon Bushrod
No and no RT : have you played anything besides lineman? Ever scored a td?

Jermon Bushrod
Jordan RT : Hey whats your favorite brand of shoe?

Jermon Bushrod
": Are you stayin' in NO for the off season?" yes indeed

Jermon Bushrod
": best memory as a Saints player?" Super Bowl year of course... Breaking records was dope too..

Jermon Bushrod
": is Carl nicks staying in the NO? Your the man but the both of yall complete the line" I hope! lol

Jermon Bushrod
": you think you can play QB?" hell no!! Lol to much going on

Jermon Bushrod
": What your favorite thing to eat since you've been in New Orleans?" crawfish

Jermon Bushrod
": what's your favorite thing to do in the offseason?" see Fam n friends

Jermon Bushrod
": Hey did you drop a twitterbomb?" unfortunately I got nothing but time now...

Jermon Bushrod
": when was the last time you rode a bicycle (non stationary)??" it's been years

Jermon Bushrod
": what kind of music do you like?" gospel RnB n rap... Some fist pump music too lol

Thomas Morstead
Time for a workout! Got to stay in shape just in case....

Darren Sharper
Question? How you guys/gals think Jerry rice does on ESPN?


Del Rio Family Looking Hard At Locations, Schools In New Orleans
Three prominent area high school coaches confirm that the Del Rio's visited their respective schools with the possible intent to transfer.

Saints sign Mitch King, Andy Tanner anong six to futures contracts
New Orleans Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis announced Wednesday that the club has signed DT Mitch King, CB Kmaal McIlwain, WR Andy Tanner, RB Chris Taylor, T Phil Trautwein and T Fenuki Tupou to futures contracts.

Saints expectations are championships and nothing else | New Orleans
In the past three seasons, the Saints have won 13 games, 11 games and 13 games. They’ve gone 3-0 in the playoffs and won a Super Bowl, gone 0-1 and lost in the wild-card round and gone 1-1 with a divisional-round loss.

Opportunity lost for now, Saints still have Super potential
"The thing that I will take from it, we'll probably all be a little regretful about what could have been," said Morstead. "Because we had everything we needed here to go all the way."

How much should Drew Brees make? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Bottom line: Brees should get more than Vick and something similar to what Brady and Manning got. The structure is open to creativity. But I think it’s safe to say Brees can expect to average somewhere around $18 million per season and the Saints can count on his yearly cap figure starting off somewhere around $15 million.

Officials stay in the background - ESPN
Q: I have a question about the New Orleans Saints' defense. I'm a little confused why everyone is calling it "bad" -- specifically the pass D, because they are decent against the run. The Saints have played 6 games against top 10 passing teams, and 4 against top 5 passing teams. Of those 6, they won 4 by 14-plus -- and three of those games were three-possession blowouts. The only passing team they fell to was the Green Bay Packers in Week 1 after no offseason camp. I wouldn't say that the Saints have a great defense, and obviously they aren't capitalizing on turnovers, but I haven't seen anyone touch on these facts. I don't think you can call the Saints defense great, and sure it feeds off the offense, but I think they are better than at least 16 other defenses.

Big Questions, But Not Easy in New Orleans: Drew Brees, Marques Colston, and Carl Nicks Are All Free Agents | The Big Lead
Despite Williams’ blitz heavy style, the Saints were 5th worst in the league in defensive sack rate. The leader in sacks was a safety, Roman Harper (7.5 sacks), who was a liability in coverage and frequently came in blitzes. Will Smith was the only other player on defense to have more than 5 sacks. For a team that plays so often with the lead and puts pressure on opponents to pass to keep up, that is pretty dismal. WELL SAID! SAINTS FANS AGREE!

Saints to interview Spagnuolo today - New Orleans Saints -
Former St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo, left, has agreed to interview with the Saints today for the club’s vacant defensive coordinator job

49ers' ugly fan element
Euphoria was the takeaway of the day for the vast majority of fans who saw the 49ers ' thrilling double-comeback playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints. They came, they tailgated, they cheered wildly and witnessed...

Superdome Super Bowl raises stakes in Brees’ contract talks | ProFootballTalk
With a contract that will expire in just a few weeks and with no progress made during the 2011 season toward a new one and with a record-setting season in his pocket and with a late-game performance against the 49ers that should have been enough to deliver the first road playoff win in franchise his...

Saints Sign Six to Futures Contracts

Drew Brees' passing against the San Francisco 49ers: Graphic - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
A look at Drew Brees' passing accuracy during the New Orleans Saints' 36-32 playoff loss over the San Francisco 49ers last Saturday.

Apparel shops take bitter pill after losses by Saints, LSU - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
On any given afternoon inside the Black & Gold/Purple & Gold Sports Shop in Covington, fans looking for Saints or LSU gear usually can watch ESPN or the NFL Network while shopping to find out the latest sports news and catch a highlight or two. Three days after the Saints' heartbreaking defeat at San Francisco and eight days after...

New Orleans Saints sign six practice squad members to futures contracts - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
They're also expected to add New Orleans native Josh Victorian to roster

Mocking with Mel Kiper - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Check out this Insider post in which ESPN’s Mel Kiper has his first mock draft for 2012. Kiper has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking Alabama runn