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Jon Gruden: Next Saints Offensive Coordinator?

We've been discussing possible new defensive coordinators most of the week but let's switch gears for a second. Because the Saints could also be on the hunt for a new offensive coordinator should Pete Carmichael, Jr. decide to take a head coaching position with another team. A team like the Colts, who have asked the Saints for permission to interview Carmichael, Jr. for their vacant head-coaching position.

First of all, we can certainly ponder what effect losing PCJ might have on the future of the Saints offense. That, however, is seriously tied into the success of whoever the team would hire to replace him. Naturally. Which begs our question of the day: who would the Saints hire to replace Pete Carmichael, Jr. as offensive coordinator?

I know I'll probably catch a lot of crap for this but personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Jon Gruden get a shot. The Joker! It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility. We know for a fact that Sean Payton has a man crush on Gruden already...

...there are a couple of people who are just like that for me in this profession that I would at any time like to work for - guys like Jon Gruden or Bill Parcells, guys that are huge influences with me.

And wouldn't you know it, according to this random report I found, Gruden is planning on leaving ESPN and hoping to return to coaching this year. All the pieces are falling into place.

It makes sense to me. Gruden has spent a fair amount of time with the Saints down here in New Orleans covering the team for multiple Monday Night Football broadcasts. And unless he's just blowing hot air in the broadcast booth, Gruden seems to really respect the Saints, always gushing about Drew Brees and company. Not seeming like someone who tends to hold back his feelings, I'm inclined to believe him. Which is another reason I like him; he speaks him mind. And boy do the referees hate him.

The only hiccup in my sick and twisted plan is the fact that Gruden may not be interested in settling for a coordinator position. It may be head coach or bust.

Whether you like the man or not, you've got to give him credit: he knows what he's doing and he's got a ring to prove it. He led top ten offenses three years in a row as Oakland's offensive coordinator. I can't offer too many more facts right now because Wikipedia is currently blacked out in protest. But Gruden would bring creativity and he'd be aggressive, a good match for this offense.

But what do you guys think? Am I crazy? Who would you want?