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Saints Hire Steve Spagnuolo as Defensive Coordinator

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new defensive coordinator!

The Saints have reportedly signed former Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo to be their new defensive coordinator, replacing Gregg Williams.

Jay Glazer, of course, appears to be the first person to break the news via Twitter:

Steve Spagnuolo has agreed to join the New Orleans Saints as new defensive coordinator

Gotta say, I love the move. Spags was probably the best and most qualified defensive coordinator left on the market so it's good to see the Saints land him. He's traditionally run a 4-3 defense so we shouldn't expect many big changes to this defense in the way of scheme.

Jonathan Vilma also likes the move:

I think it's official, Steve spagnoulo is r new defensive coordinator. I look forward to winning with him

How are you guys feeling about this? Like it? Love it? Want some more of it? It's time to Spags out!!!!