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Saints to Trade Up Into First Round of 2012 NFL Draft...Maybe

You know the offseason is officially upon us when everyone starts talking about the annual Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

James Varney of the Times-Pic caught up with Saints director of college scouting Rick Reiprish in Mobile as he begins doing his part in helping to build the 2012 Saints team. Nothing exciting or new here, except for this little blurb at the very end of the article:

Reiprish and his staff find themselves in Mobile in a rather unusual situation as, for now, the team doesn't possess a first round pick in 2012. The Saints surrendered that pick to New England last year to move back into the first round and select Alabama running back Mark Ingram.

Given the famously fluid order of drafts, however, Reiprish noted there is no guarantee the Saints won't wind up with a first round pick in 2012, although he noted he isn't aware of any pending deal.

Oooooh. The Saints might wind up with a first round pick even though they already traded it away to New England last year to land Mark Ingram? I smell intrigue! Actually, I've just got absolutely nothing to write. But I wouldn't be doing my civic duty as an uncredentialed blogger if I didn't create a little drama using questionable tactics of yellow journalism.

Seriously, though, it's a good question. Will the Saints be as aggressive in this year's draft as they were last year and trade up to get back into the first round and grab the special player they want and need? Who would be worthy of such a move? And what would they give up to do it? I'll say this: it sure wouldn't surprise me in the least if they did. Payton and Loomis haven't held back yet. No sense in stopping now.

Personally, I say go for it. What the hell, right? Drew Brees ain't getting any younger. Or is he? I can't tell, he just keeps getting better and better. But if he's not, the window of opportunity for the Saints to win another championship or three is closing. We saw how close the Saints came this year; they're just a few pieces short of hoisting another Lombardi. If it means mortgaging the future to get there, so be it.