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What Would You Do If...

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...the Saints let Drew Brees walk?

Yeah, that's right, I went there. When I read phrases like "free-agent-to-be" in all the recent articles being written about the status of contract negotiations between Drew and the team, I can't help but at least ponder this alternate reality. I'll admit it's a sick, twisted thought, but with free agency nearing and no new contract imminent, technically it's possible.

So, again, I ask: what would you do if the Saints let Drew Brees walk? No new contract, no franchise tag, no health issues. They just let him go. Think about all different facets of this potential bizarro universe. How would it affect you personally? Would it be enough to renounce your fanhood? And how do you think it would affect the team? What would you want the team to do with all the money his release would free up?

Can't wait to see the ish this stirs. Should be fun! If you start to panic a little, just remember that this isn't real. Drew Brees is still with the Saints.