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Fleur-de-Links: January 26, 2012


cameron jordan
Started back runnin round the neighbor hood, keep in relative shape for the next few weeks before I start goin in

Not only do we have 5 players in the , Danielle of the will also be in Hawaii!

Jo-lonn Dunbar
what are u thinking rt now? I just wanna know what a pro bowler thinks. Lol
Jeff Duncan
Completely agree. RT : Bravo to Mike Florio of 4 his well-reasoned defense of :

Lance Moore
Almost nine hrs into the drive and it's still raining lol smh

Jason La Canfora
Gotta love it when your Mazda, less than 2 years old, suddenly stops recognizing the key and won't start in the carpool line w/4 kids in car

Grandmaster Wang
Damn. Dude deserves better gigs. Like The Shield and Veronica Mars. RT : K-Ville's Anthony Anderson joins cast

Grandmaster Wang
High five! RT : I'm going to self-publish Eyeblack Odyssey. And my website is relaunching. Blog post here:

Mark Ingram
Watching the Australian Open vs

Mark Ingram
I know it's a re-run I'm just watchin it

Adam Schefter
Now official: After finalizing a five-year deal, the Buccaneers officially have hired Greg Schiano as their next head coach.

Jeremy Shockey

Jermon Bushrod
crocs go hard!! They are comfortable n convenient ": crocs.. but n*ggaz love em"

Here's ur chance to be Gronk's special guest at the in & attend his private Post Season Dinner Party!

Lance Moore
RT : I'm still waking up early as if I hav practice smh...losing sux. Is it next yr yet?< Right, and it's not gonna change soon

Jonathan Vilma
I'm still waking up early as if I hav practice smh...losing sux. Is it next yr yet?

Kawika Mitchell
After next wkend it will be. Then you can prep for next yrs super bowl. Spags is a beast! You'll love it

New Orleans Saints
., Evans & Nicks in Hawaii for the

deuce mcallister
Happy bday to my lil sis. Getting on up there young lady

Lance Moore
iPod on straight shuffle mode tho. These random tracks are everything right now lol

Jimmy Graham
Just finished eating at Nobu in Waikiki was amazing....great afternoon touring the North Shore and watching the Pro's take on the Pipe

martez wilson
Life is what you make it


NFL Stars Take Center Stage as 2012 Pro Bowl Kicks Off Super Bowl Week

Legend Clark Shaughnessy heads inductees into Loyola Hall of Fame - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Renny Simno and his colleagues on Loyola's Hall of Fame commission were stunned earlier this year when they discovered that football innovator Clark Shaughnessy had never been inducted. "We were blown away that Shaughnessy was not in one of the inaugural Hall of Fame classes," said Simno, a development officer in Loyola's Office of Institutional Advancement. "His widespread impact...

Pro Bowlers want game to stay in Hawaii - NFL -
The game was first played at Aloha Stadium in 1980 with New Orleans Saints running back Chuck Muncie leading the NFC to a 37-27 victory. The winners earned $5,000. On Sunday, the winners earn nearly 10 times that amount.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is No. 1 most powerful athlete - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
His record passing year combined with his dedication to the community earned him the distinction

Indianapolis Colts have reportedly chosen Chuck Pagano as head coach over New Orleans Saints assistants - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Colts were also considering Saints assistants Pete Carmichael Jr. and Aaron Kromer

Caption this pic: Drew Brees gets Lei'd!!!!!
I couldn't help the title it was too easy This one is too good not to deserve a caption Brees: Thanks for that tip on Sproles you gave me last year, Gatesy. You guys got any DE's to spare!!!!!!

Saints Consultant Kennedy Up for Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2012

Roaf Up for Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2012

NFL to Allow Players to Tweet During Pro Bowl

NFC South evening update - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Time for an evening look at Wednesday's headlines from around the NFC South. John Manasso writes about some changes that could be coming for Atlan

Notes from the 2012 Senior Bowl
The Saints had their scouts and general manager Mickey Loomis in attendance. New Orleans does not have a first round pick but should have a chance at taking a good player in the 2nd round. They should really take the highest-rated player on their board regardless of position, but all things being equal they will lean to defense.

Gleason And Fujita Are Still 'Patron Saints'
Fortunately for New Orleanians, Scott Fujita has kept his ties to the city and his home in the Warehouse District. Friends like me and dozens more are blessed to have him around. Lately, one friend of Scott's has benefited even more so in his own time of need.

What Might Have Been For Saints Now Turns To What Must Be Done
The New Orleans Saints are not in the BIG GAME because their offense, defense and special teams collectively failed to beat the gritty San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs at Candlestick Park.

10 most memorable moments of 2011 Saints season | New Orleans
For many reasons, the '11 Saints campaign will stand next to only the '09 Super Bowl season as the most memorable in franchise history.

And in the memorable season, there were memorable moments. Here’s our version of the 10 most memorable moments.

Greg Schiano’s deal with the Bucs is done | ProFootballTalk
There won't be any last minute change of heart this time. The Bucs have their man: Rutgers coach Greg Schiano has agreed to a five-year contract with Tampa Bay to be their next head coach, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Schiano was ultimately was the backup plan to Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

Ryan Clark: Ravens are always the bridesmaid, never the bride | ProFootballTalk
The Steelers and the Ravens are fierce rivals, but Steelers safety Ryan Clark sounded a little sympathetic about Baltimore's plight when asked to talk about the AFC Championship Game. Clark said on 93.

Football is popular | ProFootballTalk
Football is more popular than ever in a post-lockout world, according to the folks at the Harris Poll. Harris Interactive comes out with this poll every year, and this year's results indicate that pro football has broadened its lead over baseball as the country's most popular sport.