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Fleur-de-Links: January 27, 2012


Last day to vote for Brees as the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year! Vote for him here:

New Orleans Saints
Sweet ride RT A beautiful site downtown Indy!

Jabari Greer
Random Thoughts: There is something very un-manly about the phrase,"Yeah umm, can I get a beefy crunch burrito?"

New Orleans Saints
Jabari Greer
Inspired! "Through a river of pain our passions flow". Jabari

Chris Ivory
Heart pumping moments.. Rushing to airport hoping you make it in time then Taxi driver almost wrecks.. Takingdeepbreaths

Courtney Roby
After a certain age it should be a requirement to take the drivers test again, this elderly woman jus tried to play bumper cars w/ me twice!

Lance Moore
Feels great to be home. Busy busy

Jeremy Shockey
At airport out of the states for a few!! Americans hold down the fort when I'm gone!!

Darren Sharper
Why is it every-time I hear tiger woods in an interview I wish he had the swag of Michael Jordan. 'tnatural!

Malcolm Jenkins
Pretty accurate lol

cameron jordan
Black beauty jus got loaded up in Nola today time for her to make the trip to phx

Jonathan Vilma
Thinkin gd the day

Jeff Duncan
Good stuff from on the Manning/Irsay saga. Conclusion: Peyton's done, Rob Lowe started it

Courtney Roby
A heartfelt S/O goes to my Faithful followers who have been supporting from day 1... you kno it's ALWAYS luv & appreciation!!

Jeff Duncan
RT : Outstanding article on the 2 Super Bowl coaches, a behind the scenes look from Coach Rick Venturi:

Jeff Duncan
ICYMI: Must-read feature by on the mother of all recruiting battles between Bama & LSU 4 Landon Collins:

Courtney Roby
Good Morning World, may everyone have a Blessed day!! Oh and this crook in my neck is NO BUENO!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Schefter
Former Colts RB Dominic Rhodes, whom the NFL suspended the past year, has been reinstated and is free to sign with a team.

Adam Schefter
Brett Favre drama dragged through other off-seasons. Lockout lasted through last off-season. Peyton will be this off-season's Favre/lockout.

New Orleans Saints
Brees on Graham "He has a chip on his shoulder that I feel is always going to be there because the kid wants to be the best."

New Orleans Saints
"Sean Payton gave me an opportunity when a lot of people were not there to give me that opportunity," - Brees

New Orleans Saints
Brees talks about 2011 season, Pro Bowl, Family, Payton & Graham with : Video- Quotes-


Drew Brees to guest on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' during Super Bowl week |
Appearance scheduled for Thursday (Feb. 2) on WDSU.

New Orleans Saints' Pro Bowl players take time to reflect on heartbreaking loss, look ahead to next season - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"I don't have a ring," said Graham, who joined the Saints two months after they won their Super Bowl. "That's all I hear about every day, that's what we play for, the ring. That makes me even hungrier and just drives me that much more."

New Orleans Saints offensive line wins Madden award -- again
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees didn't throw for a new NFL single season passing yardage record, eclipsing Dan Marino's 1984 mark, with 5,476

Raiders finally announce the hiring of Dennis Allen | ProFootballTalk
Only the Raiders could make an announcement of a head coach feel oddly anticlimactic. Three days after it was widely reported that the team chose Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen to be their next head coach, the Raiders confirmed the news Friday.

Chilly lands in Cleveland | ProFootballTalk
As of last night, former Vikings coach Brad Childress was close to landing a job with the Browns. And Childress now has. According to multiple reports, Chilly is the new offensive coordinator in Cleveland.

One expert looks back in dismay at his preseason NFL predictions - ESPN
Our man bravely goes where few dare to tread: He reprises his preseason NFL predictions and tries to count how many ways he was wrong.

Tampa Bay Bucs went the college coach route, hiring Rutgers' Greg Schiano - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
They first offered the job to Oregon's Chip Kelley

Cam Newton took a ton of snaps - NFC South Blog - ESPN
New Orleans’ Drew Brees ranked No. 10 in the league, taking part in 96.35 percent of the Saints’ snaps. Brees was pulled from a few games when the Saints were blowing teams out, although his departure might have come a bit later than the Atlanta Falcons would have liked in the game where Brees broke Dan Marino’s record for passing yardage in a season.

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Giants, Peyton Manning, Tom Coughlin: Answers to Readers' Questions -
Is Spagnuolo for Greg Williams as defensive coordinator a good move by the Saints? I’m not familiar with Spagnuolo as a defensive coordinator; what does he bring to the table that the Saints need?

Linehan excited at the prospects of getting Best and Leshoure back
"I’d like to think we have our own personality," Linehan said. "Although, I wouldn’t be offended to be compared to the Saints because, obviously, they’re one of the most prolific offenses ever.


VIDEO: Enjoying the Hawaii Brees