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Da Chronic's Got Talent: Third Time's the Charm

The audition process is moving along quite smoothly now as we continue to search for fresh new front page talent here on Canal Street Chronicles, to make the best Saints blog on the net even better.

In case you missed the introduction to our little talent search here, be sure to read it first before continuing. Remember, any and all criticism must be 100% constructive and positive in nature. Keep Da Chronic classy!

Please welcome the next contestant of Da Chronic's Got Talent! S/he is willing to contribute 2-3 times per month.

New Coach, No problem

"Let's go win a Super Bowl." How sweet Spagnuolo's first words as a Saint sound. Even after such a heartbreaking loss such as the one against San Francisco, this brings excitement and energy to the Who Dat Nation and hope that the defense will be turned around. Yes, we will have a while to wait before we see Spags standing on the sidelines in a Saints visor and windbreaker, but that doesn't mean we can't look to the future.

In general, Spagnuolo has had a very prominent coaching career. He has spent time with the Eagles, Giants, and Rams. During his eight year tenure with the Eagles, Spags was a defensive assistant under Jim Johnson, a coaching mastermind that is recognized as one of the best defensive coordinators in NFL history. While under Johnson, Spagnuolo helped the Eagles to get to four NFC title games and learned Johnson's philosophy. In 2007, Spagnuolo was hired as the Giants defensive coordinator. He was the designer of the combative defense that finished ranked 7th in the NFL and that defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Following his time with the Giants, Spagnuolo joined the Rams in 2009 as their new head coach. While he was with the Rams for three years, he didn't have much success. He didn't have an above .500 record and didn't make the playoffs a single time.

Now, you might see that blemish with the Rams and be quite frightened, but there is no need for that. The differences between the team he had with the Giants and the team he had with the Rams are astronomical. The talent level was on completely two ends of the spectrum. The Giants had key named players such as Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, and Mathias Kiwanuka rushing the passer while the Rams were left squandering on undrafted free-agents. The Saints might not have players such as those that he had with the Giants, but they certainly are more talented than the Rams. Saints defensive starters Cam Jordan, Sedrick Ellis, and Malcolm Jenkins were all drafted in the first round and are all young in their football careers.

As far as scheming on defense, his philosophy should stay relatively the same. His coaching style is centered on rushing the passer efficiently with the front four, using linebackers as blitzers or coverage men, and having an excellent secondary. Changes will have to be made because players that worked well in GW's heavy blitz defense might not work with Spagnuolo's traditional style defense. He will have a little work to do, but it is not impossible. A thing that Spags already has an advantage on is that he is taking over players that have been preached to about hard nosed football for the past few years. They might not have the coach that began this, but they won't forget the fearsome, blitzkreig type ways that were introduced. Between the draft and the free agency period, the defense should be locked and loaded for next season.

With all of this said, we are in for an interesting off season Who Dats. We will find out who will return in black and gold, and who won't. Signing Spagnuolo was only Chapter 1 of the Saints new story and whatever happens next, I am confident the Saints will party with the Lombardi once again.