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HansDat's New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl Quiz Bowl Challenge-palooza: The Answering

OK, now that you've had 24 hours to get your answers posted in the Saints Pro Bowl Quiz Bowl Challenge-palooza (SPBQBC), it's time for you to see the answers, and find out which of us knows the most Saints Pro Bowl Info.

Following the jump you'll find the official answers to all ten questions, as per wikipedia,, and my memory. Why my memory? Because (surprise!) wikipedia had some errors, and I knew a couple of things about the Saints that the page had incorrect.

As I mentioned above, I found some errors on the wikipedia page, and for this reason, I am open to changing anyone's score if they dispute the accuracy of it, and can back it up with reputable proof.

Here are the errors I detected: they listed a Michael Owen as a pro bowl right guard for the Saints, but I found no such player on the Saints all-time roster, and they failed to note either Michael "Beer Man" Lewis, and Eric Allen as pro bowlers for the Saints.

Here are the SPBQBC questions (with answers):

1) Who was the first Saints player selected for the Pro Bowl as a Saint? (One point)

Dave Whitsell, CB, 1967.

2) How many Saints players have been named to the Pro Bowl (all-time) as Saints? (One point)

54 (thanks, No. 1!!!!)

3) Following which season did the Saints have the most players selected to the Pro Bowl as Saints? (One point)

The Super Bowl season of 2009 saw seven Saints make the Pro Bowl (Drew Brees, Jonathan Goodwin, Jahri Evans, Jon Stinchcomb, Jonathan Vilma, Roman Harper, and Darren Sharper). The Saints placed six players in the game following the 1987, 1992, and 2000 seasons.

4) What notable Pro Bowl record/distinction was earned by the Saints following the 1992 season? (One point)

The Saints placed their entire linebacking corps, the famed Dome Patrol (Rickey Jackson, Vaughan Johnson, Sam Mills, and Pat Swilling), into the game. This was the first time (and only time, perhaps?) in NFL history that this happened.

5) Which position has seen the most Saints Pro Bowl selections all-time as Saints? (One point each.)

Running back and linebacker - seven. Guard and defensive end - five.

6) Which Saint holds the record for most career Pro Bowl honors as a Saint? (One point)

Willie Roaf - seven. Rickey Jackson and Morten Andersen had six each.

7) Which Saint holds the record for most consecutive Pro Bowl selections as a Saint? (One point)

Again, it's Willie Roaf, with seven from 1994-2000.

8) Which Saint player was named MVP of the Pro Bowl as a Saint? (One point)

Chuck Muncie was the MVP of the Pro Bowl following the 1979 season.

9) Following which season did the Saints coaching staff coach the NFC squad in the Pro Bowl? (One point)

2006, after losing the NFC Championship Game.

10) Following which season did New Orleans host the Pro Bowl, and at what stadium was the game played? (Two points)

The Louisiana Superdome was the site of the Pro Bowl following the 1975 season.


Three other notes from my statistical research:

1) The Saints went eight straight seasons (1970-77) without putting anyone in the Pro Bowl.

2) The longest streak of seasons with at least one Saint in the Pro Bowl is 26 seasons (1981-2006), which means that...

3) 2007 is the only year in the last 30 in which no Saint made the Pro Bowl.

New factoid added 4:46 pm January 29th: Two players (Kyle Turley 2000, Danny Abramowicz 1969) made ALL-PRO without making the Pro Bowl - what a joke!

If you are interested in getting your hands on the Saints Pro Bowl Statistical document I created, just ask me and post your email address in the comment section, and I'll send it 2012 Pro Bowl Gift to you.

* * *

And here's how the CSC players finished in the Challenge-palooza...

Clayton (cajuncommando58) - 8

1) Archie Manning - WRONG
2) 24 - WRONG
3) 2011 - WRONG
4) The Dome patrol...all 4 LB'ers made the Pro Bowl...Swilling,Johnson, Jackson, & Vaughn - YES
5) LB'er - YES (running back would also be accepted)
6) Willie Roaf....but Drew is trying to catch up - YES
7) Willie Roaf - YES
8) Chuck Muncie...1980 - YES
9) 2006 - YES
10) 1975 season played in the LA Superdome in January of 1976 - YES and YES

N_O_1saintfan - 6

1. Tom Dempsey and Tony Baker 1969 both drafted as Saints - WRONG

2. 54 Saints players have made the Pro Bowl - YES
3. 1992 - WRONG
4.Most defensive players - WRONG
5. Defensive Backs - WRONG
6.Rickey Jackson - WRONG
7. Willie Roaf had 7 consecutive Pro Bowls 1994-2000 - YES
8. Chuck Muncie Running Back 1980 - YES
9. 2006 Season, Sean Payton coach played 2/10/2007 - YES
10. 1975 Season game was played in the Louisiana Super Dome 1/27/76 YES and YES

hooahsaint - 5

1) Tom Dempsey - WRONG
2) 21 - WRONG
3) 1987 - WRONG
4) All 4 linebackers were selected to the probowl YES
5) LB - YES (RB also correct)
6) Willie Roaf - YES
7) Willie Roaf - YES
8) Drew Brees - WRONG
9) 2006 - YES
10) Pfft, uggghh 1967, Tiger Stadium - WRONG

HansDat - 5

1-3: I got nothin' - WRONG WRONG WRONG
4) First time in history a team's entire LB crew made it - Dome Patrol!!!! YES
5) no clue - WRONG
6) Willie Roaf - YES
7) Willie Roaf - YES
8) Chuck Muncie - YES
9) 2006 - YES
10) you got me - WRONG

GRlZZ - 4

1) Archie Manning? I have no clue - WRONG

2) 43 - WRONG

3) 2006 - WRONG

4) The whole dome patrol went - YES

5) Tackle - WRONG

6) Willie Roaf - YES

7) Willie Roaf - YES

8) Joe Horn - WRONG

9) 2006 - YES

10) 1979 - WRONG

metryman - 4

1. D. Witsell (DB) or Abramowicz (WR) - NO POINTS FOR WAFFLING
2. All Time total over 40/45 - YES, BUT NOT SPECIFIC ENOUGH - NO POINTS
3.1992 that team was loaded, Stinking, Drunk, Green Birds.... I cringe remembering Reggie White bull rushing Stan Brock for a safety on Bobby Hebert. - WRONG
4.It's probably Morten Andersen, most points? - WRONG
5.Got to be the Dome Patrol LB's seemed like they all went every yr. (#‘s 57,51,53,56) TOO SPECIFIC - WRONG
6.Got to be Willie Roaf, went every yr, plus his KC days - YES, BUT KC DAYS DO NOT COUNT
7.Thought Andersen, but going Willie R. again during those lean mid/late nineties years he was probably the only Saint chosen. - YES
8.Muncie, I only know it b/c of a recent post on CSC. - YES
9.I'm confused, the Div. Rd losers' staff goes now, but I thought it was Conf. Ch. loser in the past, which makes it S.Payton 2006, if not him it's Haslett. i just can't remember Haslett in Hawaii. So, Payton final answer. FINALLY, YOU MADE IT...YES
10.Are we talking 64/65 civil rights boycott, and the gm moved to Houston,TX... Rice Stadium? UM, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, BUT I KNOW IT'S WRONG

FriarBob - 3

1,2,3,6,7,10 - absolutely no clue - ALL WRONG
4) entire linebacking corps sent to the pro bowl (the dome patrol) ALL RIGHT - YES
5) linebacker - YES (RB ALSO CORRECT)
8) Drew - WRONG
9) 2006 - YES

* * *

Thanks to all who played, and congratulations to our winner and reigning Champeeeeeeeeen...


I can't wait to hear your acceptance speech.

Please see below for your prize. I will also discuss any and all questions on their scores...

And I apologize for the inadvertant early posting of this before I could add in the last two contestants - I went into OT with the grandchild visit and forgot I had pre-arranged the 3:00 EST is now corrected, as of 4:02 pm EST.

Check back for the Pro Bowl Open Thread later tonight!