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What Up With Dat?: No Pro Bowl Talk


Below are my answers to most of last weeks reader questions submitted Thursday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Can the saints learn to play on the road, or is it a case of always striving for the no.1 seed? - Matt M.

Well, I think you always want to strive for that first seed. Home field advantage in the playoffs is certainly the ideal situation. That being said, I think the Saints will always be a better team at home as long as they're relying on their offense to win games. They're a finesse team offensively, and they just don't seem to put up as many points or dominate opponents when they're outside the Dome. Which means if the defense doesn't step up, then games end badly. So until they have a defense that can pick up the slack when the offense isn't clicking, I think the Saints will have more trouble on the road than they do at home.

Do you believe that G.W. knew that he would no longer be D.C. of the Saints before our defeat by the niners? - Tac H.

I think Gregg Williams knew this would be his final season with the Saints. But that may have been a realization he came to as early as the beginning of the season or at any point throughout. I certainly don't think it had anything to do with his approach to the 49ers game or the fact that the Saints lost, if that is what you are insinuating.

Dave, How long have you had your season tickets for the Saints? - B.R. Saints

Since the 2006 season. But I haven't missed a Saints home game, including the NY "home" game (2005), the Baton Rouge games (2005) and the London Game (2008) but with the exception of the San Antonio games (2005), since 2004.

Should the Saints bundle some draft picks, And or trade a current player in order to get back into the 1st round so they can get a QUALITY linebacker, DE, or DT.?.... -Tim P.

I'd prefer the Saints to keep all of their draft picks, maybe even add more, and I'd like to see them find talented guys in the later rounds instead of trying to hit a home run. The front office has been great at finding offensive talent in unlikely places. They need to start doing that on defense.

Who are you pulling for in the Super Bowl? - Mountain E.

The Giants, for sure. I see no reason why you wouldn't.

Which team in the NFC will show the most improvement next year, and which will show the steepest decline? - Ben D.

That's pretty impossible to answer at this point since the off-season hasn't even officially begun. We still need to see what happens in free agency and the draft. But I'll play along anyway. The Rams should definitely see the most improvement. Not too difficult after a 2-14 injury-riddled season.They've got a whole new coaching staff to revitalize the team. On the other end of the spectrum, the 49ers will decline steepest. No playoffs for them.

What do you do after a loss? Home games and away games. - Acquired P.

I do the same thing after every game, regardless of win/lose or home/away: break it down for you guys on Canal Street Chronicles. That's really the only post-game constant. It's my therapy. I don't punch walls, though I used to; I don't have to get drunk, though it helps. The only thing that really helps is time.

You mentioned going to a Mardi Gras Party after NO/SF Div. gm 1. Was It a Krewe Ball (or just among friends) 2. Have you/or do you belong to a Krewe? 3.Do you have a Carnival tradition, i.e. Bacchus on Napoleon/St.Charles, Mask up & catch Zulu early , or sleep in, head to the FQ, party later? - Metry M.

1. It was a party for Empress XXXIII of the Krewe of Caesar.

2. I am a member of the Krewe of Caesar.

3. I do not have a tradition actually. I used to live directly on the uptown parade route on Napoleon Ave. for about four years. That was a blast. My tradition then was to just play host for anyone and everyone.