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Peter King, You've Got to be Kidding Me!

I just read Peter King's recent Sports Illustrated article in which he hands out his 2011 NFL awards. Not surprisingly, he chose golden boy Aaron Rodgers as his league MVP. Shocker! How he comes to that conclusion, however, is an absolute abomination.

Here's King's ridiculous reasoning:

Rodgers had more touchdown passes (45), more yards (4,643) and better accuracy (68.3%)-all by far-than Brett Favre had in any of his three MVP seasons with the Packers.

Ummm...okay. Remind again what in the hell Brett Favre's past accomplishments have anything to do with this year's MVP race. Oh, that's right, it doesn't. It was just a way for King to drop Favre's name into his most recent article. What King is doing here is comparing apples and oranges. That's just not right.

You know who else has more touchdown passes (46), more yards (5,476) and better accuracy (71.2%) than Brett Favre in any of his three MVP seasons? DREW F***** BREES!!!! And, holy s*** wouldn't you know it, his numbers in those categories are better than Rodgers this year, too! In fact, two of them are new NFL records! How the hell did that happen!?!?

It seems the one stat these media mongrels like to point to is Rodgers' passer rating, and King is no exception:

He set a record for passer rating (122.5) for a team that won 15 games in the regular season.

That's a fair point; it's an impressive number. But if the NFL MVP award were given out based just on passer rating alone, Drew Brees should have won it in 2009 when his passer rating was a league best 109.6, nearly 10 points higher than MVP winner Peyton Manning who had a 99.8 rating that year. But you didn't, once again, because you suck.

It's cool though. To placate Saints fans, King has given Brees his Offensive Player of the Year award. That should be enough to keep us all happy, right?

Dear NFL sportswriters: you guys are pathetic. If you're going to make the MVP award purely a popularity contest, at least try and cover it up with evidence and reasoning that might actually make sense. Or, you can do the right thing for a change and give Drew Brees the damn MVP award he deserves. And none of this co-MVP crap, either. Let me know when you've pulled your collective heads out of your asses.