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Saints 31, Chargers 24: We Come Bearing Gifs

All of the can't-miss gifs from the Saints 31-24 win over the Chargers Sunday night.

Chuck Cook -US PRESSWIRE - Presswire


We had to show you the record-breaking touchdown from Drew Brees to Devery Henderson. How the hell did he get that wide open?


Marques Colston's sick one-handed touchdown grab in tight coverage.


If this gif didn't exist, I would never have believed Roman Harper had an interception. Get a good look because it will be another two years before he gets another one.


Can someone please explain just what the hell Malcolm Jenkins is trying to do on this whiffed tackle? I never played organized football at any level so correct me if I'm wrong but this can't be the proper or most efficient way to tackle a runner.


The controversial offensive pass interference call on Antonio Gates in the 4th quarter. Gotta admit, it was a bad call. Gates barely touches Roman Harper and it looks like Harper trips over his own two feet. Oh well.