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Fleur-de-Links: October 10, 2012

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Scott Fujita demolishes Roger Goodell in outstanding rebuttal to Bountyfarce suspension.

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Fujita: Goodell’s the one committing conduct detrimental to the NFL

Fujita releases statement, up on the site soon ... "The Commissioner says he is disappointed in me. The truth is, I’m disappointed in him."

Statement from : "I'm pleased the Commissioner has finally acknowledged that I never participated in any…

Scott Fujita puts the Commissioner on blast in a statement. Calls his decision "an absolute abuse of power" objects to "condescending tone"

Fujita attacks the league on issue of "player safety" points to use of replacement refs, push for 18 games, more Thursday games as evidence

:owned: RT : I gotta say, it's a very uncomfortable feeling being told by that you're being too positive.

Looks like I'll be back home for the wknd. What's poppin Columbus???

LSU student plotted mother's murder for inheritance money (complete w SCREAM masks), NOPD warrant says

People automatically assume that you're mad at them when you're quiet.

McCarthy: Cedric Benson has been placed on Injured Reserve, but on new list where he can return. Practice after 6 wks, 8 weeks out.

The bye week comes at a good time as players get a chance to rest and continue preparations:

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. Congrats to on winning the photo!

To clarify Hargrove suspension-if he accepted sentence he could play in 2 more weeks whether signed! Or not. Wouldnt have 2 be on roster 1st

Saying all of that, from what I'm hearing sounds like all 4 players set to appeal this and weigh federal court options as well

The Saints lead the in avg. net passing yards per game (326.8 yds)

NFL has asked the Bills and Redskins for explanations on their respective injury reporting situations with Mario Williams and RG3.

Did rappers get "YO-YO" from the toy? If so why didn't "See-saw" become cool?

Good god I'm agreeing with Reilly. ": Said it then, saying it now: Goodell is wrong on these drastic player penalties."

The pink hat players/coaches were wearing last Sunday is available here:

Ginsberg's thing about Vilma's bank account not showing a 10,000 transfer/withdrawal is a much better point. Where'd the money come from?

Congrats to on being named the NFC Offensive Player of Week!

There's so much contradiction between the evidence and the NFL's statements (including those from Cerullo, GW, etc)

But we're worried about f***ing PDF layers. My 20-dollar home scanner makes layers when I scan a term paper.

If you take the document's "edited" parts out, its existence makes no sense. It's either entirely forged or it's real. No doctoring.

More likely Cerullo made the whole damn thing up. It's consistent with his statements, contradicts GW, contradicts players.

": NFL tampering w/ evidence, how nice... Make sure Judge gets a copy" ill have my atty look at it

So the COMM wants to open the NFL pandoras box what a cocky guy instead of letting his pride go he decides to take make this a circus lol!



Former New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Fujita fires back at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for bounty sanctions - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Fujita's complete statement:

"I'm pleased the Commissioner has finally acknowledged that I never participated in any so-called 'bounty' program, as I've said for the past 7 months. However, his condescending tone was neither accurate nor productive. Additionally, I am now purportedly being suspended for failing to confront my former defensive coordinator for his inappropriate use of language. This seems like an extremely desperate attempt to punish me. I also think it sets a bad precedent when players can be disciplined for not challenging the behavior of their superiors. This is an absolute abuse of the power that's been afforded to the Commissioner.

"For me, the issue of player health and safety is personal. For the league and the Commissioner, it's about perception and liability.

"The Commissioner says he is disappointed in me. The truth is, I'm disappointed in him. His positions on player health and safety since a 2009 congressional hearing on concussions have been inconsistent at best. He failed to acknowledge a link between concussions & post-career brain disease, pushed for an 18-game regular season, committed to a full season of Thursday night games, has continually challenged players' rights to file workers compensation claims for on-the-job injuries, and he employed incompetent replacement officials for the start of the 2012 season. His actions or lack thereof are by the league's own definition, 'conduct detrimental.'

"My track record on the issue of player health and safety speaks for itself. And clearly, as I just listed, the Commissioner's does too."

Fujita: Goodell’s the one committing conduct detrimental to the NFL | ProFootballTalk
A reduction of his suspension from three games to one game has not made Browns linebacker Scott Fujita any happier with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Ex-Saints slams Goodell over condescending tone | New Orleans
Browns linebacker Scott Fujita has criticized NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the way he has handled his suspension in the New Orleans Saints' bounty case.

NFL upholds Vilma, Smith suspensions | New Orleans
The NFL has upheld the suspensions for Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and defensive end Will Smith and reduced them for former Saints Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove.

PFT Live: Saints still fighting bounty suspensions | ProFootballTalk
Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune talks about Roger Goodell's decision to uphold the Saints' bounty suspensions. Saints players still feel like they did not do anything wrong. Meanwhile, they are still struggling on the field despite a 31-24 win over San Diego on Sunday.

Bountygate: A Circular, Confusing History -
If you feel like the N.F.L.'s case against the Saints for a bounty program keeps going around in circles, you are not alone.

New bounty ruling seems destined for return to internal appeals panel | ProFootballTalk
Only one thing is clear in the wake of Tuesday's re-issued bounty suspensions: It won't be over until it's over, and it still won't be over for a long time.



moosedenied " Blog Archive " Have A Lucky Day
IT'S A COLUMBUS DAY MIRACLE!!! Who knew that was even a thing?

" .200 Never Felt So Good The Angry Who Dat



Drew Brees, One Direction team up in Pepsi commercial |
New ad will debut this week

VIDEO: Watch Drew Brees' new Pepsi ad | New Orleans
The soda company is partnering with the boy band and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for an ad that will debut Wednesday. It's part of Pepsi's "Live for Now" campaign, which has also featured Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry.

Drew Brees picks up NFC offensive player of the week | ProFootballTalk
It's been a pretty good week for Saints quarterback Drew Brees. His team finally won a game in its fifth try, he broke Johnny Unitas' long-standing record for most games with a touchdown pass and, on Wednesday, he was named the NFC offensive player of the week.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees named NFC Offensive Player of the Week - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees threw for 370 yards, four touchdowns on history-making night vs. San Diego Chargers

Saints’ Brees nominated for two weekly NFL awards | Black and Gold

Drew Brees' passing game against the the San Diego Chargers: Graphic - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
A look at Drew Brees' passing accuracy during the New Orleans Saints' 31-24 win over the San Diego Chargers Sunday.

Brees’ football from record TD pass goes to Hall | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
The ball used by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for the touchdown pass that broke a 52-year-old NFL record in Sunday’s game with…



Former Saints linebacker Ruud signs with Texans; release Trindon Holliday
Former Saints linebacker Ruud signs with Texans; release Trindon Holliday.

New Orleans Saints continue to look at defensive lineman
New Orleans Saints continue to look at defensive lineman.

Saints’ Bye Week Comes at a Good Time
The team enters it's bye week following a win against the Chargers and will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 21st

Five things to contemplate going into Saints bye | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
Interim coach Aaron Kromer gave the Saints the week off from practice during this bye week, allowing for a moment to reflect the ups and mostly downs of the first five games of the 2012 season.

Saints passing game rises to top of NFL rankings | Black and Gold



Acting a Saint - NFL Videos
Frustration remains with the New Orleans Saints players allegedly involved in the bounty program. Is it time for the suspended players to move on? The "NFL AM" crew debates.