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Fleur-de-Links: October 12,2012

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: All four players suspended for Bountyfarce file appeals.

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Per the CBA, the appeals for the 4 bounty players will be heard a week from Tuesday. Of course, parties could agree to another date as well.

Plot thickens with that detail ... Vilma eligible to come off PUP next week, could play against the Bucs on 10/21, before appeal is heard.

Source: All four Saints players punished for alleged bounty scandal filed appeals requesting NFL Commish Roger Goodell recuse himself

Just landed in Venice for some lunch on my way back down south.

": the blogger gave me the link that he got the pdf files from " thanks, gave it to my atty

Another reason I know Im back in prattville A girl asked me what type watch I had on, I said diesel She said, "Ive only heard of diesel gas"

Great turnout today @ the Mizzou Business School! Remember: 1) Invest in your relationships 2) Invest in your future 3) Invest in yourself

Haunted house? Think I want to go see one tonight....

I'm accountable..

Happy birthday to a very special lady!!! love u Mom!!!

Man my dad is hanging chickens in the smoker...

Krazyness is I got a person on my mind... Like a song that gets stuck up there and u can try anything but it don't be goin away. Sheesh

It's time to go work

I hope A&E be relocating some of these people that be snitching on first 48

How is everyone doing today? It's bye week but I'm still about to get his run in....

I always know when I'm back in Alabama... We can't help ourselves. Roll Tide all over the place!!!

Great pic RT

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. -William James

I love this guy right here!!!

One note on bounty thing: The NFLPA has been asking the commish to recuse himself since from process since August. So this isn't a first.

I am so excited about this! RT : Frank Caliendo joins ESPN

The commissioner stepping aside in an appeal in a case of conduct detrimental, to the knowledge of some involved, would be unprecedented.

Sure I'm at home....doesn't mean I can't get my Friday workout in! Heading over to then a busy day ahead of me.

"The island of Manhattan (NYC) was purchased from the Algonquin Indians in 1624 for a whopping $24" Do U think it was advertised at $23.99?



All four players file bounty appeals to NFL - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
All four players punished in the NFLs bounty investigation have filed appeals with the league. People familiar with the situation say the players have asked Commissioner Roger Goodell to remove himself as arbitrator because they do not believe he can be impartial. All four players file bounty appeals to NFL Players re-suspended over Saints bounty scandal appeal again | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
The four players who have been suspected as a result of the NFL's bounty investigation against the New Orleans Saints have again appealed their suspensions, the NFL reported on its web site Friday.

Vilma asks Goodell to recuse himself as all four Saints file appeals | ProFootballTalk
As expected, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's idea of a compromise has not satisfied the four players who were suspended in the league's investigation of the Saints' bounty program.

4 suspended players connected to New Orleans Saints bounty scandal file appeals, source says - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Linebacker Jonathan Vilma reportedly asks Commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself from appeals process

Saints Nation: Anyone Suggesting Vilma Should Accept Punishment and Move On Needs to Wake Up | October

Of whistleblowers and witnesses | ProFootballTalk
When it comes to the Saints' bounty scandal, the NFL has said that whistleblowers must be protected at all costs. When it comes to the original whistleblower in the Saints' bounty scandal, the NFL inexplicably outed former Vikings defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy as the player who first brought the ...



Drew Brees on One Direction, Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' and Keeping Focused this Season |
The New Orleans Saints quarterback talks about the tough season so far, why he has yet to host Saturday Night Live, and shooting with One Direction.

Saints QB Drew Brees says of the younger breed: "They seem so much more well-prepared than I was" -
Want one more cool nugget? So, of course, when Brees watches film, he checks out the defense. But he admitted he has a guilty pleasure. Like grabbing a big tub of ice cream and eating it with a fork while watching Steel Magnolias or whatever. Except, well, let him explain.

Saints QB Drew Brees explains how dealing with losses means taking "things opposite of human nature" -
In his 12th season, Brees only has two losing seasons. Yet this year, following a holdout and a tumultuous offseason for obvious reasons, the coach-less Saints are 1-4. How does Brees deal with it? Has it gotten easier? What has it been like?

Former Saint Joe Horn in defense of Drew Brees goes off on Terry Bradshaw



New Orleans Saints coaching staff need to evaluate several things during their bye week
New Orleans Saints coaching staff need to evaluate several things during their bye week.

New Orleans Saints join others in the "1 Win Club"
New Orleans Saints join others in the "1 Win Club".

New Orleans Saints interim coach Aaron Kromer finally has something to smile about - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Kromer has his first win as Saints settle into bye week

Mickles: N.O. Saints have done some good things | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
Despite everything that went on during a tumultuous offseason, no one — not even their worst enemy — could have envisioned that it would ta…

Podcast: The Saints may be pointed in the right direction | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
The Saints may not be playing this weekend, but the team never has a bye week on the

New Orleans Saints need Malcolm Jenkins to start delivering on star potential - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Jenkins has been missing on more big plays than he's made so far this year

Jimmy Graham: How Will The Superstar Tight End's Injury Affect The New Orleans Saints?
Jimmy Graham sufferred an ankle injury that required him to wear a walking boot. What effect will this have on the New Orleans Saints?



Remembering the New Orleans Saints' fantastic 1982 season |
When fantasy broadcasts by Tim Brando filled a void during a players' strike.



Video: Evolution of the Saints Colors

Video: Jonathan Vilma files appeal - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Ed Werder talks about Jonathan Vilma filing his appeal of his season-long suspension in which he requests Roger Goodell recuse himself from the proces