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Bye Week Blues: Afternoon Games Open Thread

Who are you watching with the Saints off this week? Let's gather and chat during today's games.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Now that you've already checked in on the Tusk vs. Ingramania debate and sounded off on the Saints vs. the Bye Week, you can settle in this here Open Thread with your other CSC pals who are also avoiding doing chores and other housework that should be happening on this Week 6 Bye Sunday for the Saints.

Who are you watching this afternoon? Who would you like to watch, if you had your druthers? Whom do you most want to win out of all the non-Saints games?

Early Games

Dallas @ Baltimore

Oakland @ Atlanta - Dare we hope for a Falcons Fail at home against awful Oakland? Stranger things have happened, right?

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay - The Chiefs haven't won since playing the Saints in Week 3 (great googly moogly), and the only thing keeping the 1-3 Bucs from matching KC's 1-4 record is the bye they enjoyed last week.

Detroit @ Philadelphia

St. Louis @ Miami

Colts @ Jets

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - I've said it before, and I'll say it's a crime that this game is not played on Halloween night every year. A whole lot of orange and black/brown, costumed crazies, and the strong likelihood of some really bad football...doesn't that sound like the scariest game of the year?

Late Games

Giants @ 49ers - This may be the marquee matchup of the day. I'm calling a 13-6 slugfest that feels like a vintage Jim Mora Saints win by whoever's defense plays better.

New England @ Seattle

Buffalo @ Arizona

Minnesota @ Washington

Sunday Night Is Football Night In America Night

Green Bay @ Houston

* * *

Enjoy the games, everyone!