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Should the Saints Have Signed Randy Moss?

The Saints had a chance to sign veteran receiver Randy Moss this past offseason, even bringing him in for a workout, but decided to pass. Are they now regretting that decision?

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

Eight months ago I said the Saints should sign veteran wide receiver Randy Moss and 70% of you that voted in the attached poll at the time agreed. One week later the team actually brought Moss in for a workout. Obviously, nothing ever came of that workout.

Yesterday Moss led all San Francisco 49ers receivers with two catches for 75 yards in their 26-3 loss to the NY Giants, showing fans that he's still got a little left in his 35-year-old tank. Don't get me wrong, he hasn't been a world-beater this season by any stretch of the imagination. But he's showed flashes of his old self from time to time with 11 catches for 174 yards and a touchdown.

Meanwhile, we're five weeks into the 2012 season and the Saints have been missing a true vertical receiving threat after losing Robert Meachem to the Chargers through free agency. All of this naturally begs the simple question: should the Saints have signed Randy Moss this offseason when they had the chance? And how would things be different for the Saints this season if they had?

I think this is a great discussion topic. Share your thoughts in the comment section and vote in our poll below.