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Fleur-de-Links: October 13, 2012

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Jonathan Vilma could return Sunday vs. Bucs

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The official scheduling of the players' appeals hearings also means the league has cleared the way for Vilma to play next Sunday.

Would be more fun if PA took it as acceptance MT NFL hasn't responded to request for RG recusal. PA taking silence as rejection

The NFL hasn't responded to players' requests for Goodell to recuse himself. Union source said NFLPA is taking that silence as a rejection.

S/O to Bell Foods Distributors for putting on an excellent food show at the Ritz in Nola

When asked if momentum from win will carry through bye week, Kromer: 'We control our own momentum.'

The appeals hearings for all four bounty players -- Vilma, Fujita, Smith and Hargrove -- has officially been scheduled for next Tuesday.

Kromer wouldn't say that Vilma would be taken off the PUP list.

Kromer "I think Vilma could play anywhere (on the field)".

Vilma: Goodell's new suspension based on "farcical review"...

NFLPA argues in its filing that Goodell conducted "A Sham Arbitration" and that the court has authority to appoint a neutral arbitrator.

Ain't that the damn truth. RT : Kromer on Will Smith: "Nothing has changed."

Kromer: "I thought (players) came back with the energy and focus that they needed"

If I were ranking cities where I'd think fans would be in danger in the parking lot, SF would be near the bottom of the list. Unbelievable.

One silver lining to bounty litigation. It gives the NFL & NFLPA a chance to say nice things about each other in court. (Yes, I kid.)

NFLPA: "No rational interpretation of the NFL Const & Bylaws...could support RG's brand new, manufactured charge against Mr. Fujita"

The NFLPA has filed its motion to vacate the bounty suspensions, on behalf of Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita in La court.

NFLPA has filed motion to vacate suspensions. Accuses NFL of being "a repeat offender in playing 'gotcha' with the careers of NFL players"

Also, from Vilma's appeal letter to Goodell: "If you decline to recuse yourself...we will consider seeking immediate relief from the court."

Vilma asked for the NFL to provide "the 18K documents" and compel Jeff Miller, Joe Hummel, Gregg Williams, Mike Cerullo to be at the appeal.

Also in the court filing is what appears to be the full ledger that the Saints employed, and the NFL used as evidence in the bounty case.

Some comedy too -- Gregg Williams enjoys the term "horse(bleep)". Ex: "4/46 YAC yards! Horse(bleep)! Pad level inconsistent!

... The last line of said Gregg Williams page: "Last 2 drives had too many communication errors! Horse(bleeping-bleep)!!"

More seriously, these exhibits clearly work to pin blame on the coaches. Another Williams-ism in here: "Trample the Weak, Leap the Dead"

In the court filings from Vilma, there are the sworn declarations from Gregg Williams and Michael Cerullo.

Motion to vacate suspension seeks "to put a halt to the ongoing & fundamentally unfair treatment of Jonathan Vilma by ... Roger Goodell."

Jonathan Vilma told WVUE-TV that he will come off the physically unable to perform list on Tuesday and play Sunday vs. Tampa Bay.



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New Orleans, LA (Sports Network) - New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma reportedly could return for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay.

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Motion asks the Court to stop the suspension once the NFL appeal process is complete

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New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma will be allowed to play versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week seven.

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Jonathan Vilma tells WVUE-TV he'll be allowed to practice this week and play at Tampa Bay

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THIS WRITER IS AN IGNORANT MORON, warning: This article will piss you off:

Drew Brees is overstepping his likeability lately
Drew Brees is likeable - practically affable - when he's just being a top quality quarterback and genuine friend of the community.



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