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Previewing the Bucs on Da Chronic's Podcast

Tennis anyone? A can't miss episode with a special guest appearance from the Charlottesville Lawn and Tennis Club 2012 men's singles and doubles champion.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images


After showing up late because he won his tennis club title and received a trophy so hideous his wife mocked it, Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation discusses why Steve Spagnuolo being flexible is a good thing for the Saints.

Ralph wonders if the overlooked key to finishing the 2012 season strong is for the Saints to get their running game cranked up.

Andrew explains why Jonathan Vilma playing might be more than just an emotional lift for the Saints, how Joe Morgan can help the running game, and why he wishes the NFC was as bad as the AFC.

Ralph compares the lucky 2012 Atlanta Falcons to the 2010 Saints and Andrew predicts an ugly, messy game in Tampa.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.