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NFL Picks for Week 7

You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friends Week 7 NFL games.

Sandra Mu - Getty Images

Seahawks (4-2) @ 49ers (4-2)

Favorite: 49ers by 7

When the hell did the NFC West become so competitive? Gotta go with the Niners at home here.

Titans (2-4) @ Bills (3-3)

Favorite: Bills by 3

This one's really a toss up. Might as well pick the favorite.

Cowboys (2-3) @ Panthers (1-4)

Favorite: Cowboys by 2

I would love it if the Cowboys could beat a division rival but they're just so pathetic I don't think they can be trusted.

Ravens (5-1) @ Texans (5-1)

Favorite: Texans by 7

This game should be good. No spread I go with the Texans. Against the spread I'm thinking Ravens.

Browns (1-5) @ Colts (2-3)

Favorite: Colts by 2.5

The Browns were lucky last week to get their first win of the season. Look for them to get back to their losing ways.

Cardinals (4-2) @ Vikings (4-2)

Favorite: Vikings by 6

I never would have thought these two teams would be sitting at 4-2 in Week 7. But the Cardinals are quickly collapsing after their 4-0 start. Vikings win.

Redskins (3-3) @ Giants (4-2)

Favorite: Giants by 5.5

A classic NFC East matchup. Giants are the obviously better team and they're at home. G-Men all the way.

Packers (3-3) @ Rams (3-3)

Favorite: Packers by 5.5

Green Bay is a no-brainer over the Rams.

Saints (1-4) @ Buccaneers (2-3)

Favorite: Saints by 3

The Saints, duh.

Jets (3-3) @ Patriots (3-3)

Favorite: Patriots by 10.5

The Seahawks proved last week that the Patriots can be beat. But not by the Jets. The points are tempting, though, if you're betting against the spread.

Jaguars (1-4) @ Raiders (1-4)

Favorite: Raiders by 4

This one's a battle over who's more pathetic. I'd say the Raiders are slightly less so.

Steelers (2-3) @ Bengals (3-3)

Favorite: Steelers by 1.5

The Steelers always find a way to win when their backs are up against a wall. Right now their backs are up against a wall.

Lions (2-3) @ Bears (4-1)

Favorite: Bears by 6

Another classic division matchup this Sunday. The Bears defense is just too much for a disappointing 2012 Lions team.