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Vilma To Play, Graham To Sit Vs. Buccaneers

Sources are saying that Saints LB Jonathan Vilma will play while TE Jimmy Graham will be inactive in Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Sources say Jonathan Vilma will be active on Sunday.
Sources say Jonathan Vilma will be active on Sunday.
Jamie Squire

Ed Werder and the Associated Press are reporting on that Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma will play as many as 20-30 plays on Sunday, and that Jimmy Graham's sprained ankle will keep him out of the lineup this week.

While the loss of Graham is certainly a blow to the Saints offense, many are hopeful that Vilma's presence will help the struggling Saints defense to do something, anything, better than it has thus far in the season. But it does beg the question...where will he play? And what about current starting MLB Curtis Lofton?

So what do you think - will Vilma's presence help or hurt the Saints? And where does he play?

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