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Fleur-de-Links: October 23, 2012

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: NFLPA asks Paul Tagliabue to address potential conflicts of interests before presiding over BountyFarce appeals.

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Mike Ehrmann


Brees came in at No. 2 in NFL fans’ favorite players, according to 's annual poll. Polamalu came in at No. 1

Come Holla at me at Academy Sports in Harahan tonight from 5-7pm

": That's Awesome!! So, how long is your hair now?" Haha it's long...

Tickets are now available for ! Takes place at Sunday before Eagles MNF game!

More good news... After a gracious email exchange w/ the NFL, Sean Payton has been cleared to attend ! -SG

": Look fwd to taking a bunch of kids affected from hurricane Isaac shopping today " Ill be there

Reading timeline helps my hope that all is not lost in keeping Saints fanhood history honored and pure. Hating Falcons a must.

If you are a Saints fan and you don't have a deep burning hatred for the Falcons that eats at you daily, then you're not 100% legit. Sorry.

Seriously though, I'd settle for all of us saying: "I hate the Falcons". There are way too many Saints fans passively accepting hated rivals

Ok I officially declare today despise Falcons day. Give me the #1 reason you loathe the filthy birds and I'll RT the best.

A little ironic that NFLPA is trying to remove arbitrator whose regime previously determined cash for "big hits" doesn't violate NFL rules.

One of NFLPA's arguments for recusal of Tagliabue is that they see him as potential witness for "Smash for Cash" program that he condoned.

Jeff Duncan finds it hard to imagine the recurring Bounty push-back b/c he is a f***ing idiot who lacks the ability to reason.

": which jersey color we wearing this weekend?" Don't know yet

Today was a great day at the office... We are preparing for Denver....

1st 2 Bounty briefs are due at 5pm. Final one on 10/29 is due at noon,which gives Judge time to rule that day and keep NFL hearing on 10/30.

Or is possible that judge will need more time to consider arguments & ask NFL to postpone their hearing. But that outcome seems less likely.

Berrigan orders players have until 5 p.m. Wednesday to file motion to recuse Tagliabue. NFL has until 5 p.m. Friday to respond.

Updated NFLPA-Tagliabue recusal story with Berrigan's latest orders

So NFLPA has to file its motion to recuse Tagliabue by Wed at 5 CT; NFL reply due Fri at 5; NFLPA reply to that due Mon Appeals set for Tue.

The NFLPA hasn't gotten a response from Tagliabue yet. The motion to have him recused was done in accordance with the court schedule.

The NFL & Bounty 4 had status conference w/ Judge Berrigan to discuss issue of recusal of Tagliabue as arb. Judge set a briefing schedule

Here's the schedule-players' brief due 10/24, NFL response 10/26, Players' reply 10/29. Hearing with Tagliabue scheduled for 10/30.

So, yes. Tagliabue will spend the week getting up to speed on the case & could have case taken away from him on eve (or morning) of hearing

Kudos to Jay Cutler for helping that family. Next insulin shot's on me.

The Saints & Giants are tied with an NFL best 28 pass plays of 20 yds or more this season

Taco Tuesday for lunch today at the facility! Can’t wait to dig in. My guy knows what I’m talking about.

Who liked that Pepsi commercial? for sure… who’s with me?? Right, ?!

To get to the shine you gotta overcome the grind



Mike Pereira: Officials make right call in Tampa Bay - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Mike Pereira: Officials make right call in Tampa Bay

" How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Enjoy The Win The Angry Who Dat
Yes! Another win in the books. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a bona fide win streak.

SaintsWin: Opinion & Analysis: Week 7, Saints at Bucs: The Arrival of Big Poppa
You know what was encouraging? Yesterday's game looked a lot like 2011, and the seasonal timing coincides similarly to the beginning of last season's nine-game winning streak.

Kromer earns passing marks after keeping Saints afloat during interim stint
A 2-4 record does not truly reflect the overall job performance turned in by assistant coach Aaron Kromer, the interim to the interim for the embattled New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was toying with Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense: Film study - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Brees' performance was even more impressive on further review, as he used subtle pump fakes and head fakes to fool Buccaneers defenders

New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers play-by-play observations: Film Study Part 2 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Replay review of Saints' 35-28 victory over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL: Buccaneers penalized on Saints field goal for word, not action - Tampa Bay Times
A shout of 'Move,' not the moving, earned them a penalty that led to a Saints TD. TAMPA — In the case of a critical penalty called against the Bucs on Sunday, actions did not speak as loudly as words.

Joe Morgan didn't see his acrobatic touchdown catch because of Skip Bayless
See why the Saints wideout hasn't seen his highlight-reel catch from Sunday

Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan Doesn't Watch ESPN Because Of Skip Bayless
Joe Morgan had one of the more memorable touchdowns this week when he sent a Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender flipping over him, collected himself and trotted into the endzone. Unfortunately for Morgan, he was unable to watch his highlight reel catch on the ultimate highlight reel because he is a man of principle.

Moore: 2-4 doesn't feel all that bad | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
"We have an uphill climb and a long ways to go in the season. We have a tough patch here coming up that’s going to be grueling. But, if a team can deal with that and persevere, I think it's this team here." WR Lance Moore

Bucs' Schiano stands behind field goal shift, despite penalty |
Coach Greg Schiano won't try the play again after the team was called for unsportsmanlike conduct but said, "Quite frankly, it's a legal play."

Drew Brees Up for FedEx Air Player of the Week



Saints welcome Vitt’s energy, sense of humor | ProFootballTalk
Vitt is Sean Payton’s right hand man. Vitt has no qualms about ripping a player who needs to be ripped; Kromer was at times reluctant to let a guy have it. And with Vitt, there’s an energy that instantly returned to the team.

New Orleans Saints vs. Denver Broncos: Week 8 Scouting Report - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Breaking down the Saints and the Broncos

Elway: ‘Pedal to the Metal’ "
On Sunday night, Manning will go up against another great quarterback in the Saints’ Drew Brees. "They are both very intellectual about the game and the way they read the coverages," Elway said. "They’re both pocket passers that stay in there and have a great knack of getting the ball to the right place, reading defenses and throwing the ball with accuracy. They’re both champions. They both won a Super Bowl. It’s a great matchup and it will be a great game for our fans to go see on Sunday night."

Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter to take on former team: the Saints - The Denver Post
When Peyton Manning and Drew Brees last met in a clash of superstar quarterbacks, Tracy Porter became a household name.

Broncos eye on: The New Orleans Saints - The Denver Post
New Orleans at Denver, 6:20 p.m., Sunday, national NBC telecast, KUSA-TV Channel 9.

Saints’ players will need to adjust to play at Mile High Stadium | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
METAIRIE — The more you talk about playing in the thin air of Mile High Stadium, the worse it’s going to be. At least that’s the view of Sa…

Saints’ Joe Vitt hurries to get back up to speed | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
METAIRIE — After seven weeks of an NFL-enforced absence from football, Joe Vitt should have been well-rested. Good thing. The reinstated in…

Joe Vitt: I’m not a miracle worker | ProFootballTalk
Joe Vitt is back as the interim coach for the Saints, although the message out of New Orleans is that nothing has changed. Both Vitt and Aaron Kromer, Vitt's replacement as interim coach during Vitt's six-game suspension, insisted that the message from up top remains the same regardless of who ha...



Roger Goodell faces pop warner parents of the safety of football - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Goodell said the NFL, which has helped fund the "Heads Up Football" also is attempting to set an example. "The changes we are making in the rules, the changes we are making in the equipment, the (addition of an athletic) trainer spotter (in the press box) — all those things make the game safer," Goodell said. "Even the (New Orleans Saints’) bounty issue, making sure those types of things aren’t part of the game makes the game safer."

Federal judge gives players until Wednesday to file motion to recuse Tagliabue | ProFootballTalk
The fact that Judge Berrigan is willing to entertain the motion for recusal suggests that she believes she has the power to block Tagliabue from serving as the arbitrator. The NFL likely will claim, if the motion is filed, that the courts have no authority over an arbitration process until the ruling has been issued.

NFLPA asks Tagliabue to address potential conflicts | ProFootballTalk
On Sunday morning, we reported that the NFLPA is plotting an attack on the appointment of former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue as the arbitrator in the bounty appeal hearing involving Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Saints defensive end Will Smith, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, and free-agent defe...



NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Atlanta Falcons stay at No. 1, New York Giants move to No. 2 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
SATCH NOTE: Really? The Saints are ranked behind the Lions? Did the people not see last night's game? What a joke!

NFL Power Rankings: Falcons stay at No. 1 - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The New Orleans Saints are at No. 20 and they have a chance to keep climbing because they’ve got a little momentum with a two-game winning streak and Joe Vitt returning from suspension to take over again as the interim head coach.



Commissioner Roger Goodell: NFL could drop Pro Bowl - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Commissioner Roger Goodell: NFL could drop Pro Bowl Commissioner Roger Goodell: NFL could drop Pro Bowl

NFL trade deadline could be quiet as usual
The NFL trade deadline is later than usual this year - Oct. 30, after Week 8 of the season. Previously, the deadline had come after Week 6.

Meet New Orleans Saints super fan Mack Cuenca, Mack the Quack the Who Dat Clown - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He is one of the original Holy Trinity of Saints super fans



Cameron Jordan Interview 10/23/12

'NFL Fantasy Live': Lance Moore
Video interview